Best Water Softener Resins Reviewed and Rated in 2021

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When it comes to the best water softener resins, we have a lot of competitors in the market. All these water softeners do an excellent job while softening water, but the question is, why is softening water so necessary? Most people think drinking hard water causes no harm at all. It is a common perception among most people. But guess what? Hard water is not as safe as you think. Let us tell you the reason why is this so? People believe that only the viruses and bacteria present in water can be dangerous for human health. But studies show that some metals present in water are also harmful to human health. These metals are in a similar way harmful for our bodies like viruses and bacteria are. These metals are Magnesium and calcium.

Do we know you have been thinking that calcium is necessary for helping our bones grow, then how can it be dangerous? The thing is that depending on the form and mixing with other chemicals; even calcium can be harmful to our health. Therefore we need to remove it from our water. Water softener resins do this job. They have soft ions on them. Hard water has magnesium and calcium ions that trade places with soft ions on the resins, and in this way, the water softens.


Let us now briefly describe the top 9 water softener resins.


Water Softening Resin Softener Media 100% Ion Exchange Replacement – 1 CuFt Bag

Having a water softener that can provide 100 percent efficiency makes our lives much more comfortable. This is the main reason for choosing this water softener resin as our premium pick. It has resins particles that allow all magnesium and calcium ions to be exchanged entirely with the soft ions on the resin bed. This, in turn, will enable people to have pure water for drinking that would keep them healthy and safe.



100 % efficiency

Certified by NFC

It can be used in food

Chemical stability

Can withstand heat



Only suitable for one tank size


Key features

can be used in food.

This water softener resin has been certified that it can be used in food. This means that it is absolutely safe to be used in our beverages, water used for cooking, and also portable water. This ensures that it can keep all sorts of water safe and pure for us.

Stable at higher temperatures

There are some water resins that, when exposed to higher temperatures, may lose their ability or do not perform efficiently. These water softener resins thus can not be disclosed to higher temperatures, and we need to be absolutely cautious, but this water softener resin can even operate at higher temperatures making our lives much more comfortable.

100% efficient

This water resin gives users to have absolutely pure and healthy water. Thus, it makes no compromise on the health of the people.



Water Softener Resin Media Replacement 100% Ion Exchange Cation – 0.25 CuFt

There are situations when people need to travel. In such cases, it is challenging for them to carry standard water softener resins with them. Therefore there are some special water softener resins that have been designed for this purpose. These water softener resins can contain a large number of grains as compared to standard water softener resins and thus are absolutely helpful for traveling. This water softener is one of them. So if you are traveling this indeed is the right choice.



Suitable for traveling

Size is small- 0.25 cubic feet.

It can contain 8000 grains.

It is certified by NFC.

High purity



It does not work efficiently at too high temperatures.


Key features

Small size

For traveling, people need small-sized products so that they do not occupy more significant space and can be carried easily. Keeping this in mind, this water softener resin has been designed and is thus most suitable for you if you are planning to travel anytime soon.

Large capacity

This water softener resin has a large capacity that allows you to purify a large amount of water. In this way, you do not need to buy water softener resins again and again and thus saves your money and time.

Excellent purity

This water softener resin gives excellent purity of water. It allows the removal of harmful metals from water entirely. In this way, you can enjoy pure water and can have perfect health.



Purolite C100E Resin C-100E Cationic Replacement for Water Softener 1 CuFt Bag Medthe thingia

This water softener resin by Purolite is our choice as the best seller. This water softener is positively reviewed by the users, and they liked it very much. This water softener resin provides excellent quality water. In addition to this, it is too light weighted and small in size. This means it is effortless to carry it. This makes an excellent choice for travelers. Also, due to its small size, it can fit anywhere, and you would not need to face space issues.



50 pounds weight

One cubic foot size

Highly efficient

Used in food

Has chemical and physical stability



It is not known to operate at much higher temperatures


Key features


This water softener resin is known to be light-weighted. Due to this feature, it can easily be carried with you if you want to travel. Also, it does not occupy large spaces and thus is very easy to handle.

Usage in food

We can use this water softener resin to purify all our waters and beverages. This means we can use this to refine our drinking water, the water we use for cooking, and the drinks. Thus it is highly suitable to purify any kind of liquid.

One cubic foot, single bag of High Capacity 8% cross like Cation, Water Softener Replacement Resin

The primary purpose of water softener resins is to remove hard metals from water that are harmful to human health and, in return, provide us with soft water. Many companies try to do this using different methods and then launch their products in the market. Now it is tough to know which company does it efficiently and which not. For this, there need to be some standard tests that the product needs to pass and then certified. In this way, people would know which product to put their trust in and which not. This water softener resin, therefore, has passed NSF 61 test and has proven to be absolutely safe for drinking water.



1 cubic foot in size


Certified by NSF 61

Highly stable



It is not suitable for traveling


Key features

NSF 61 certified

NSF has tested this water softener resin that whether or not it can purify water without releasing harmful chemicals in it, and they found out that it can provide absolutely safe and pure water and it would not harm people’s health in any way.

1 cubic foot size

Nowadays, people face a lot of issues with space. They have a lot of stuff and too little space to accommodate it all. Therefore they prefer small products so that they do not need to face such problems. Therefore this water softener resin is kept small in size to save space.


CR Spotless R-120 1 Pack Refill Resin for DI-120 System

Mostly when buying water softener resins, people overlook an important factor. The factor is the quantity of the water softener resin. Now you will be thinking, why does quantity matter? Quality should be our top priority, but we disagree with you. Why should we look for only the quality? Quantity is also necessary. Why do we buy a water softener resin that has excellent quality but is significantly less in quantity? Due to which we ran out of resin every now and then and had to buy it again and again. Therefore be smart and purchase water softener resin that has not only excellent quality but also has excellent quantity. This water softener is undoubtedly one of them.



Can fill 20 inches cartridge

Provides 150 gallons of pure water

1-year life span

Weighs 7 pounds



Has not an absolutely small size


Key features

150 gallons of pure water

This water softener resin keeps in mind the needs of the people. It has kept in mind that it is tough for them to go and buy resins again and again, and if it purifies only a small quantity of water, they would need to purchase a large number of resins and thus spend a lot of money. It provides a solution and purifies 150 gallons of water with one packet of resin and therefore is very helpful.

1-year life span

People often buy large amounts of water softener resins and store them, or we can say that in supermarkets, the bulk of resins are brought and stored. Now, if they have a brief life span, they will expire and will cause them a considerable loss. This water softener resin, therefore, provides a life span of 1 year.


Tier1 IER-100 Ion Exchange Water Softener Resin (0.88 Cubic feet)

While buying water softener resins, people make sure that they provide excellent water purity, are light weighted, occupy less space, and are perfect in every way. However, they might miss one crucial point. However, we agree that having a water softener resin that provides excellent quality water is necessary, but at the same time, the easy usage of that water softener resin is also essential. Therefore this water softener resin is a perfect choice for us.



Highly efficient

Easy usage

It comes in small packets, so no wastage.

Small in size



It is not light weighted.


Key features

Easy usage

Easy usage of any product we brought is a significant factor that we can not neglect. This is because even if the resin is of excellent quality but is not easy to use, then we can find extreme difficultly in handling it and might even do it the wrong way. Therefore we prefer a water softener resin which we can easily manage, and this indeed is one of them.

0.88 cubic feet resin

Tier1 has made sure that you do not waste any water softener resin and only get the quantity you need. Therefore their resins come in 0.88 cubic feet increment. On the other hand, if you would have large packets from which you use a small quantity of resin and expose the rest to air, it might get contaminated.


High Capacity Replacement Water Softener Resin 8% Crosslink 1/2 cubic foot

In our list of best water softener resins next, we have a water softener resin from High Capacity. This company makes sure that the users get excellent quality resin that purifies the water entirely and does not make any compromises on their health. In addition to this, the factor that impresses us the most in this water softener resin is its quantity. This means it allows us to buy the water softener resin only one and use it for an extended period of time. It is thus saving us from the trouble of buying it again and again.



Can replace most resins

16000 grains in 0.5 cubic feet

Has high capacity

It weighs only 25.5 pound



Needs to read a manual for usage


Key features

High capacity

This water softener resin package has the capability to store a large number of grains and therefore contains 16000 grains of resins. This saves a large amount of money for us.

Replace most resins

Most people are using one type of resin and are worried if they can add another to their water that already contains the previous resin. They want to change their resin but are not sure if the new one is compatible with the previous one and do not cause any harmful reactions. Do not worry. This water resin is compatible with almost all other resins.



Watts A4004033B RV Pro 10000 Replacement Water Softener Resin

The second last product in our list of best water softener resins is by Watts. This water softener resin makes the water pure so that people drinking it can remain in good health. But the question is how it does this? The method this water softener resin adopts is that it uses sodium ions in its resins. Hard water that contains calcium and magnesium ions is replaced with the sodium ions on the resin bed. In this way, these harmful chemicals are removed from the water. This makes the water extremely healthy for drinking.



10 000 grains in one bag

The bag size is 1/3 cubic foot

Perfect quality water

Compatible with Kinetico system



It is not light weighted


Key features

10,000 grains in 1 bag

Having a water softener resin that provides a large number of grains is essential. In this way, we can quickly get a large amount of clean water from only one bag of resins. Therefore this makes this resin the right choice as it provides 10,000 grains of resins in one bag.

Small size and less storage occupying.

The bag of this water softener resin occupies only 1/3 cubic feet. As we always need products which occupy less space, therefore, this makes this water softener a perfect choice.


LiquaGen (1/2 CU FT) – Higher Grade Ion Exchange Resin Cation for Water Softeners + FREE Resin Loading Funnel

This water softener resin by LiquaGen will be the final product on our list. The characteristics that make this water softener resin stand out are its thermotolerant feature and the that it comes with a funnel in the package. Up till now, all of the water softeners resins we have seen, none of them comes with any accessory in the package, but LiquaGen takes extra care of its users and also includes this funnel in the package. Now let us see the pros, cons, and some critical features of this water softener resin.



26 pound of resin

½ cubic feet size of the bag

Temperature tolerant

Good chemical and physical stability

Long life span



Requires reading a manual to use it


Key features

Long life span

Having a long life span can help people/store managers keep their resins in their closets for a long time period. They would not expire and thus will remain in good shape for cleaning the water.

Temperature tolerant

Most resins are not temperature tolerant. If you live in an extremely hot environment, then some properties of those resins may alter, and they would not be able to function efficiently but don’t worry. This resin is temperature tolerant and can work in any environment.


Ultimate buyers guide for best water softener resins

There are some basic features that must be present in any water softener resin. Let us see what these are

Small size

In the current era, we live in a world where storage is a big issue. We have a lot of things and significantly less space to accommodate it all. Therefore look for a water softener resin that does not occupy a larger space, and thus, it will be very for us to deal with it.

Excellent quality

The primary purpose of water softener resin is to remove harmful chemicals from water and provide us with pure water, and we should not make any compromises on it. Therefore look for a water softener resin that is 100 percent efficient.

Long life span

When we buy water softener resins, we buy them in bulk. We use only a portion of them and store the rest in the cabinet. So if it does not have a long life, it will get expired, and our money will be wasted. Therefore long life span is necessary.



Best overall water softener resin

Purolite C100E Resin C-100E Cationic Replacement for Water Softener 1 CuFt Bag Medthe thingia

It is our choice as the best overall water softener resin. This water softener provides 100 percent efficient water for drinking. In addition, it is highly chemically and physically stable. Also, it can be used in the food and is safe for consumption. All these features make it the best water softener resin.


Best value for money water softener resin

LiquaGen (1/2 CU FT) – Higher Grade Ion Exchange Resin Cation for Water Softeners + FREE Resin Loading Funnel

Is our choice as the best value for money water softener resin. In addition to providing all the excellent features like high quality, temperature tolerance, chemical, and physical stability, this water softener resin package also contains a funnel. Thus at such a low price, it provides us a lot of features and an accessory. So it is the most suitable water softener resin as value for money.


FAQs for best water softener resin

Our water softener resins 100 percent efficient?

Yes, you heard it right. Mostly water softener resins are 100 percent efficient and provide exceptionally pure water. But do look for this feature in the description. Not all water softeners have this quality.


Does temperature affect the resins?

Yes, the temperature can affect some resins. They become less efficient at very high temperatures but also, there are resins that are temperature tolerant.


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