9 Best Salt-free Water Softeners 2021 (The Only List You Need)

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Are you worried about the build up of scales inside your pipes? Buying the best salt-free water softener can solve your issues. Hard water has a higher mineral content which makes it unfit for cleaning and other detergent related functions. Getting a water softener will remove those excess minerals. Why opt for a salt-free water softener? The answer is simple to save your money. Traditional salt using water softener need frequent salt and resin bed replacement. The introduction of salt-free water softeners has made it possible to have fresh soft water with little maintenance and less cost.


Now if you have made your mind to look for the best product for your home, abundant options available will complicate the situation for you. Getting one best product out of plenty of options available will require a lot of time and effort. We aim to save your time and make this decision easy for you by picking the most efficient working products in this article. You can look for more detail about each product using the link provided.

Best salt-free water softener

If you are doubtful about installing a saltwater softener at home because of the sodium it adds to water and its possible effects on your health, salt-free water softener products are most suitable for you. No need for salt replacement or frequent maintenance, just once install the unit and enjoy a quality water supply for a long time.


Next is the list of best products we picked for you after research with some details about the product.


Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System – Alternative Water Softener Salt-Free for Whole House, Reduces the effects of Limescale and Rust formation [CWD24, Max 1″ Pipe]

Minerals are important for health, keeping this in mind YARNA has designed this descaling system that does not eliminates minerals. It just removes the harmful effect of these minerals by preventing scale formation. Our premium pick product saves from all harmful effects of hard water either bacterial growth, rust formation, High heating cost, or high cleaning expense. This one product can save you from all the issues you are facing.



Water flow rate independent functioning

Easy installation

Quality material used for manufacturing

Money-back guarantee


Cons :

For very hard water takes up to 3 months for a significant difference


Key features :

DIY installation :

With just 10-inch free pipe space you can install this water descaler within 15 minutes. The good news is you won’t need to spend any money on professional help. This product requires little to no maintenance so once you install it there is not much left you to need to do for soft water.

Electronic system:

Electric impulses are used for treating hard water. Ultra-flat impulse bands around pipes form a frequency field that changes water crystals.

Efficient performance :

One YARNA descaling system is enough for the whole house water supply or 20 apartments. This high-level performance makes it an economical purchase for your home.

Water flow rate independent :

You won’t need to maintain a certain water flow rate for this product to function. It works independently of flow rate using the electric system.



iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner, Alternative Water Softener

Do you want to have a salt free and no maintenance solution for your hard water? ISpring descaler will do the job. This system is efficient enough to descale your entire water system. This product is great for you if you suffer hypertension or any other heart issue cause higher sodium concentration in your drinking water will further complicate the situation for you. Our editor’s choice descaler by iSpring can work with any pipe material.



Energy efficient

Designed for very hard water treatment

Lifetime tech support




Interferes with radiowaves like the internet


Key features :

Fits any pipe:

This descaler requires very little space and can work with almost any pipe. This will make sure water supplied to all your home faucets is soft and apt for use.

Designed for very hard water:

Very hard water (10 to 19 grains) can be treated using this system. This will give you significant results within no time. Salt-free softener will also less of a negative impact on your health due to no sodium addition.

Energy-efficient :

Reduced energy use with one year payback year you can enjoy clear water at a very low cost. Energy efficiency decreases your electricity bill cost.

Money-back guarantee :

The manufacturer provides a one-year money-back guarantee so you can use this system for a long and be satisfied with its satisfaction fully.



Tier1 Essential Certified Series Salt Free Water Softener 1-3 Bathrooms

Tier has taken the game to next level with its water softener and filtration system. Two in the system provides you with the benefits of simultaneous contaminant and mineral removal. The system comes complete, pre-assembled with media, and ready for use so you can right away enjoy the benefits. Have quality tasting water without any fear of scale built up and pipes damage. A tier water softener is the best selling product due to its efficient performance and durability.



Pre-filter and water softener

Installation within minutes

No need for electricity

Maintains pH between 6.5 and 8.5



Filter needs to be replaced every 2 months


Key features :

Filter and softener:

The Tier softener system has a sediment pre-filter that is connected to the main water supply using the valve. The pre-filter removes dirt and other solid waste from water improving its quality. The softener then limits scale build-up.

Hardware included :

Complete package includes flex connector, stainless steel nipple, ball valve, pre-filter, and softener. The inclusion of necessary parts saves you the cost you would need to spend on purchasing them separately.

Convenient functioning:

You don’t need expensive salt refills, continuous electric power, a backwash waste cycle, or a control valve to operate this system. The once installed system starts its functioning.

Maintains pH balance:

Maintenance of pH level between 6.5 and 8.5 improves the taste of water. Maximum 75 grains hardness can be removed with this descaler.


Hardless NG3 Whole House Water Filter and Water Conditioner – Advanced Water Softener Alternative – Salt-Free, Reduces Limescale and Sediment, and Easy to Install and Maintain Compact Water Filter

If your tap water tastes weird or has an unpleasant odor it’s possibly due to chlorine used for its treatment. Hardless water filters and conditioners can reduce levels of chlorine, arsenic, and lead. NSF standards were followed for manufacturing this unit to ensure your family’s health. Connect this conditioner to the main water supply line of your house and all your faucets will get clear water.



Space-saving design


5 stage system

Treats whole house water supply



Connections might leak


Key features

Monthly maintenance :

Jet fittings can be twisted to flush the filter for 30 seconds. This helps prevent dirt built up inside the filter and prevent it from impacting filter life. Dirt accumulation affects the quality of water filtered and also slows water flow rate and causes a drop in pressure to avoid these non desired situations occasional cleaning is advised.


Don’t look anymore for buying a budget-friendly option. Hardless water conditioner has a compact design that saves your space. The price of the unit is budget-friendly and easily affordable due to the little maintenance required.

5 stage water conditioning :

Til rod, cartridge, mesh filter, post-filter, and magnetic band remove dirt, dust and effectively treat water so mineral is change and Limescale won’t form.

Cartridge replacement :

Replace the cartridge every 6 months. This will give continuous pure water flow at an optimum rate. Replacement filters are available online and can be purchased at a convenient price.



Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System w/ Salt-Free Conditioner- Filters Sediment & 97% Of Chlorine – Carbon & KDF Home Water Filtration – EQ-1000-AST

Installing a filter and conditioner can be expensive but the benefits in long run out turn the cost. Buying a unit that can perform two functions is better than buying two separate units. Water is a daily necessity of life so ensuring its quality is important for personal and families well being. Aquasana water filter with conditioner will remove 97 percent of contaminants like pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, and VOCs.




Easy filter replacement

Dual tank

High-performance system



Reduces water pressure


Key features :

Cost-efficient :

This system costs less than 0.01 dollars for filtering a gallon of water. This saves about twice as much amount compared to other systems.

Less maintenance required :

The system needs no backflushing or draining so maintenance requires very little to almost no effort. Pre and post-filters have a certain life span after which they can’t filter more water and need to be replaced. The filters are replaced every 3 months and replacements are easily available online.

Complete installation kit:

The whole system includes conditioner, filter, pre-filter, post-filter, Brass fittings, bend supports, and shut off valve. Due to this system is easy to install and requires not much time, effort, or professional help. You can easily install your unit yourself saving costs for professional help.

High-performance filters:

Conditioner, Carbon, and KDF filter can remove 97 percent of contaminants from water. This system removes the harmful substances, prevents scale formation, and leaves healthy minerals undisturbed.



AO Smith Whole House Salt-Free Water Descaler Single-Stage – 6yr, 600,000 Gl – AO-WH-DSCLR

A quality product that comes with a 6-year warranty is a great option for investment. AO Smith descaler is designed for both well and city water conditioning. This unit can cover all water needs for cooking, cleaning, bathing, or drinking for a family of four. The product has a high water descaling capacity so it can last for about 6 years and effectively treat water.



No maintenance required

Compact design

Long time warranty

600000-gallon capacity



Might leak sometimes


Key features:

Lasts for 6 years:

The system can treat 600000 gallons of water so it lasts for about 6 years. Product life is affected by the quantity of water usage so on average for a family of 4 this product will work fine for 6 years.

No maintenance :

You don’t need to do anything more once you have installed the system. The unit has a scale control media that use salt-free technology to prevent any scale formation.

Works for any pipe:

You can use copper, steel, pvc, or any other tubing for attaching the softener to the main water supply line. Installation to the main pipe is better as it improves the whole house supply.

Replacement :

This is a sealed unit which can perform the described function for 6 yrs and needs to be replaced after that. It has no filters so you need to replace the whole unit.



Nuvo H2O Dphb-a Home Water Softener System, 5 X 24″ – New Model – No More Hard Water by Using Revolutionary Technology!

Clothes can stain due to the use of hard water and nobody wants to ruin their new expensive clothes. Installing a water softener will improve your water quality forever and you will no more face the same issue. Usage of this product extends the life of your water heaters, plumbing fixtures, and other expensive appliances running on water. The system purchased comes with a cartridge that will treat 20000 gallons of water.



Uses chelation technology

20000-gallon capacity

Value of money

Designed for fulfilling whole house water needs



Pricey filters


Key features :

For small family use:

The unit has enough capacity for a family of 2 people. If you want a system for short-duration use then this replacement cartridge will work fine for you.

Filter life :

Usable for 6 months after that the filtration will be slow and not as effective so it’s time to replace. Replacement cartridges are easy to install the following process listed in the manual.

High-level performance :

The system lowers water PH using the process of chelation. Lowering water PH prevents scale built up and gives great quality soft water for gardening, drinking, and cleaning.

Mounting bracket and wrench included:

The system comes with a mounting bracket, wrench, and screws which helps you easily install the system. The mounting bracket gives support for the unit so you can easily install it in any available space.



AO Smith Single-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System – Sediment Pre-Filter – NSF Certified – AO-WH-PRE

The purpose of the water descaler is to convert hard water into soft water. Hard water containing many minerals in it cannot be used for household works. That’s why water descalers are used to reduce the number of minerals from water. Salt-free water descaler removes the extra amount of Salt from the water making the water reliable for drinking and many other purposes. AO Smith whole house salt-free water descalers are the best to use for your house.



Long time warranty

No cleaning or maintenance

Connects to the main supply line



Sealed unit so the whole unit needs to be replaced


Key features :

 Provides enough water for many purposes:

Drinking hard water is unhealthy for the human body. Similarly washing clothes and dishes from hard water can cause stains on clothes. No one would like to use such water therefore A O Smith whole house salt-free water descaler at the best option to use as it gives Soft water.

 Long term warranty:

AO Smith whole house salt-free water descaler manufacturers did a great job. As people want to buy things that can last long, therefore, the warranty of this descaler is for 6 years so people can use it without any issue of leakage or defective function.

 Low cost:

People often get worried about the cost while purchasing. No one wants to buy expensive products people usually opt for budget friendly things. Therefore, A O Smith whole house salt-free water system has been made low cost so people don’t face many difficulties buying it.

 Well and city water systems:

AO Smith whole house salt-free water system manufacturers have done a great job with manufacturing a product with diverse features. This descaler has a unique feature as it can work with both water systems: well water system and city water system.



Watts Premier 7100638 Watts OFPSYS Whole House OneFlow Plus Salt-Free Scale Prevention and Water System, White

Watts Premier water softener is a product that you can easily install at your place without seeking out any professional help. The system can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall with a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket comes with the softener so you won’t need to spend more money buying other hardware.



WQA certified

10 gallon per minute flow rate

Can remove 75 grains per gallon hardness

No water wastage



Water flow rate drop


Key features :

Filter life:

High capacity filters will fulfill all needs of your family daily without any interruption. Multifunction tools come with the unit so replacement is quick. Filter capacity is 250000 gallon or 3 yrs after which flow rate drops.

WQA certified :

The system is certified by WQA for its highly effective performance. The material used for manufacturing the unit is lead-free and high-quality plastic is used to ensure the water purity and safety of your family.

High flow rate:

Slow flow rate hinders your daily activity and makes you wait for long. With 10 gallons per minute flow rate this product is most suitable for high daily water requirements.

Zero water waste :

The system filters and treats the water without any water wastage. Template assisted crystallization converts hard minerals to microscopic crystal particles.



Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy Best salt-free water softener

The market is loaded with so many options that getting the perfect one will seem an impossible task. Researching different products and their features in detail requires a lot of time. Keeping the issues in mind we have listed the most important features that should be present in the best salt-free water softener next. This will make a selection for the desired product easier for you.

Space occupied:

The unit should be according to the space available in your home. Mostly small size compact design units are preferred because of their convenience to install. Big complex units are difficult to handle to look for small units.

Hardware included :

Most manufactures provide necessary hardware with the unit that saves you money. The hardware is necessary for installing the unit so look for this detail in the product description. Having all the necessary hardware will make installation a quick and easy process for you.

Electricity cost:

Some descalers use electric power to treat hard water. For electric usage it is important to be aware of the rise in electricity cost it will cause. This helps you decide will the product be budget-friendly for you or not.


We all want to own the best products but it doesn’t mean we need to own expensive products. The product should be pocket friendly. Replacement filters should be cheap so it won’t become a burden for you in long run.



Overall best salt-free water softener

iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner, Alternative Water Softener

Is the overall best salt-free water softener. This unit uses electric power for descaling the whole house water supply. This system can be installed with any pipe material.


Best value for money salt-free water softener

Tier1 Essential Certified Series Salt-Free Water Softener 1-3 Bathrooms

Is the best value for money salt-free water softener. Water Filtration and softening can be done using this one unit. This will be economical as the whole house supply gets completed treated by a single unit.


FAQs about best salt-free water softener

How often cartridges need replacement?

The cartridges last for months or a year depending on the level of water hardness and frequency of use. If daily water use is high filters won’t last long and will need a quick replacement.


Is it possible to install a softener without any professional help?

Yes, many softener systems have a very simple installation process. The process is clearly explained by the manufacturer so you can do the job yourself in no time.

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