Best Salt for Water Softeners Review 2021 (The Only List You Need)

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Want to protect your pipes, fixtures, and expensive appliances from hard minerals sticking inside and clogging flow? Buying a water softener will do the job. Using the ion-exchange process the softener removes hard minerals in your incoming water supply. For the process of Ion exchange, the water softener needs salt. This salt will substitute the hard minerals in your water. Replace the brine tank salt often so the softening process won’t be halted. Depending on how much water is getting treated your salt will last long or finish quickly. Sodium replacing hard water minerals will not be affecting your appliances. Sodium does not affect water like magnesium and calcium. Hence buying salt using a water softener is a quick affordable method of getting a soft water supply. As salt needs frequent replacement it is important to buy the best quality and affordable price one but making the perfect choice from among the variety available can be hard. We have picked up the best options available for you so you can make the perfect purchase.

Next is the list of products we picked for you with their key features highlighted for your ease.

Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag 40 Lb.


By buying a diamond crystal 40 lbs water softener bag you’ll need not worry about your next purchase for long. You can use this premium pick product for any water softener. This water softener has potassium chloride which is the best substitute for sodium salt. Potassium having low insoluble content will not clog and your softener will run smoothly. If you were concerned about the salty taste of your water substituting sodium for potassium will resolve this problem. You can use the potassium treated water for plants, cooking, or cleaning. This bellet from salt is best for getting water free from any salty taste. Sodium salt can affect health at high concentration due to this concern low sodium water softener salts like potassium chloride are manufactured so the water quality can be enhanced further. Does your traditional sodium water softener stain your clothes? No more an issue after purchasing this bag of potassium chloride.



Insoluble salt let’s unit run smoothly

40 lbs bag

Salt-free water

Food grade salt apt for cooking, cleaning, watering plants



Big size difficult to handle


Key features

Salt substitute :

This potassium chloride pellet water softener is best to substitute for traditional sodium salt pellets. Using potassium gives you salt taste-free water which won’t stain clothes or affect the taste of your water. Potassium chloride is used for substituting sodium because of its lesser solubility and better efficacy. Water treated with potassium can be used for feeding plants and animals as well.

Works with water softener :

You don’t need to look for minute details. This water softener salt works with all water softener so by purchasing a big 40 lbs bag you will be rest and enjoy freshwater for long. During ion exchange, the salt gets used up and thus needs to be replaced often. Buying big bags once is more convenient so you can always change salt on time.

Morton U26624S Pure AND Natural Water Softening Crystals, 40-Pound, White

Facing clogged pipes? Get a water softener. Hard water minerals can be a real nightmare as they damage your pipes, appliances, clothes, and plants. Using a salt-dependent water softener you can substitute the hard mineral like calcium or magnesium in your water for sodium which is more soluble and won’t cause undesirable effects like others. Morton water softening salt is a natural option for your softener. Morton water softening salt is our editor’s choice product with high purity sodium chloride helps you avoid hard spots from building on your clothes, pipes, or dishes. These water softening crystals can surely improve the water quality dramatically. This crystal salt form substitutes the hard minerals and helps the water run smoothly. Morton water softening salt is harvested directly from natural saltwater so you get pure natural salt. These highly pure salt crystals work by ion exchange process and the amount of salt you need for your water depends on the hardness level of your water.



Pure salt

Crystal form for better solubility

Free test strip for testing water hardness

Works with all water softeners



Expensive product


Key features

Natural sodium chloride crystals :

Morton water softening salt is in form of crystals so it is better soluble and efficiently removes hard minerals from your water. This pure salt is obtained from drying natural saltwater so the salt is highly pure. A high level of purity makes it a great purchase and provides a significant visible difference in water quality.

Big salt bag:

Morton water softening salt bag weighs 40 lbs and due to high level of purity, it can remove the maximum amount of hard minerals. This huge amount will last long so you never fall short of an abundant freshwater supply.

Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener, 50 lbs, White, 50 lbs

Water Softener needs frequent salt replacement. As the water is getting filtered the salt is used up and you need to replace it otherwise the process of softening will halt. If you are fed up with frequent purchasing buying a big quantity at once will save your time and effort. Having enough storage available you can replace the salt whenever free and enjoy freshwater. Morton salt pellets are the best selling water softening pellets. This Patented formula by Morton improves the water quality so your heating appliances can work efficiently. Due to the easy-open tab, you can conveniently use this water softening salt. It can be used with any water softener that can work with salt pellets.



Enough quantity for long use

Sodium chloride pellets for better performance

Can be used with all water softener

Convenient to use

Limited warranty



Heavy and hard to manage for elderly


Key features

Convenient usage:

The hard handle makes it convenient to carry this big bag of salt. Due to the easy-open tab, you can conveniently pour the salt into your tank without spilling elsewhere. These easy handling features help you store the excess at an appropriate place and enjoy abundant salt every time you run short of supply.

50 lbs salt pellet bag :

This bag by Morton is best for big families so you don’t need to purchase the salt again and again. Salt gets consumed during water softening so purchasing frequently is not a great option. While you can purchase this bag by Morton and use it whenever needed.


Diamond Crystal 50 lb. Water Softener Salt, Bright & Soft Series, Pellets, 99.8% Purity (Оne Расk)


Looking for the best salt that can help remove the minerals like barium, iron, magnesium from your water? Diamond Crystal salt pellets can efficiently do the job. With 99.8 percent pure sodium chloride the pellets will substitute maximum hard minerals from your water. With two handles at the top, you can easily manage the big bag of salt pellets. This pellet bag will work for any water softener that can work with pellets. The bag weighs 50 lbs which means enough salt pellets for almost a month depending upon water hardness level. If you have a high water hardness level you’ll need more salt pellets and thus the bag will last shorter than average.



Two-handled bag for easy transport

50 lbs of salt pellet for long usage

99.8 percent pure sodium chloride

Suitable for most water softeners



Saltwater taste


Key features

99.8 percent pure sodium chloride:

Diamond Crystal salt pellets have 99.8 percent pure sodium chloride so they can remove hard minerals from your water well and won’t form Insoluble precipitates. This helps the unit run smoothly and pure salt softens maximum water.

Easy handling :

Although buying big pouches is great for storage but it can be very hard to transport and pour the salt. Keeping this discomfort in mind diamond crystals have designed this two-handle bag so you can easily replace your tank salt whenever the need arises. The elderly and weak can thus manage the bag more easily and the chances of unnecessary spillage are reduced.



Morton Salt Morton F124700000g Clean & Protect/Rust Defense Water Softener Pellets, 40 Lb, Plain


Do you feel rust at end of pipes or on your clothes and the regular salt in your water softener is not doing a great job in removing the excess iron? Morton rust defense salt pellets are designed specifically for fighting this high iron level in your water. These salt pellets can remove 15 times better iron than the plain salt pellets. Thus you can improve the taste of your water and protect your clothes from further stains with these salt pellets.



Iron level reducing pellets

40 lbs bag

Plastic handle for easy carrying

Lasts for a month



Expensive price


Key features

Rust Defense salt pellets:

High water iron levels cause a magnitude of problems from affecting drinking water taste to spoiling your food taste. It stains your clothes and rusts your pipes. How to avoid all this? Water Softener can remove iron but the normal plain salt won’t be able to do a great job. Using Morton rust defense salt pellets you can significantly lower your water iron level.

Lasts one month :

You need to keep your tank ½ full. An average family needs two bags of salt pellets every two months. Although you need the same amount of salt as other plain salts the efficacy of removing iron is higher with these pellets.



Nature’s Own Water Softener Potassium Solution, 40LB


Salt taste in water can be an issue for many. It does affect the taste of your food and so does your health and plants. A high sodium diet is not good for a variety of reasons. Nowadays potassium salt is in demand as a substitute for sodium. Nature’s potassium solution has potassium cubes that can work with all models. This makes it very easy to use. Just like sodium salt pellets these potassium cubes work by substituting the hard minerals. The cube form is easy to manage and won’t affect the taste of your water.



Potassium cubes

Easy to use

Durable product

Works with all water softeners



Contains impurities


Key features

Potassium cubes :

These potassium cubes by nature do the job just like your regular salt pellets but are easier to handle. They won’t give a salty taste to your water and thus you can drink and cook water free of salt. The product is durable and easy to use.

Convenient usage :

The cube form of a potassium water softener is convenient for use in your regular water softener. The use of cube form helps you easily manage the tank salt levels.



Diamond Crystal 804017 Solar Naturals Water Softener Salt, 50 Lbs

Diamond Crystals white crystalline sodium chloride is for regenerating the ion exchange resin. If you were looking for coarse salt that will not only work for your water softener but meat, vegetables and pickles as well then this bag by diamond crystals can work for you. The product comes in polythene bags or containers with polythene film liners for moisture protection. These salt crystals are made naturally with sun, wind, and time so they can work efficiently in your water softening unit. Naturally obtained salt is high in pure sodium so it can substitute the maximum amount of hard minerals in your water.



Coarse crystals

Polythene bag for moisture protection

Naturally made

Works for multiple purposes




Key features

Coarse crystals :

Diamond Crystals coarse sodium crystals can work for your water softener efficiently. You can use the salt crystals for domestic or commercial use. These coarse crystals can be used for grading vegetables or processing meat. Buying a bag will be enough for the next 3 months. The coarse crystals will remove the hard minerals from your water so you get the freshwater.

Polythene bags:

Buying a huge amount of salt at once is convenient considering that you need to replace the salt very often but the main issue with storage is moisture. Moisture can ruin your salt. With a polythene bag covering the salt can be stored for a long safe from any moisture. The containers are also lined with polythene bags for moisture protection.


Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets – 40 lb. bag


Are you looking for a sodium-free water softening solution that can minimize chloride as well and give the freshwater quality the same as earlier? Morton 99 percent sodium-free potassium chloride has the capacity to maximally remove the hard minerals from your water. The potassium chloride pellets can work with any water softener just like the traditional sodium pellets. These pellets remove chloride discharge up to 20 percent as well. These pellets increase potassium which is a natural nutrient for the human body. The salt pellets come in a 40 lbs bag which will last you for a long.



99 percent Sodium free

Reduces chloride water content by about 20 percent

40 lbs bag for long storage

One bag per filling


Cons :

Can spill while refilling


Key features

High purity potassium chloride :

Traditionally sodium was used for water softening but the high content of sodium in water affects the taste and health. This potassium chloride solution can soften water and increase potassium which is a natural body nutrient. Using potassium chloride reduces 20 percent chloride from your water. Pure potassium chloride is able to substitute the hard mineral from water while forming less Insoluble crystals.

Plastic top handle :

Due to the frequent need for salt replacement, salt bags are purchased in huge quantities. Managing this huge amount of salt can be difficult that’s why a top handle makes it convenient to carry the bag. You can pick up the bag and replace your tank salt whenever needed easily than before due to the plastic handle.


Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt, 40 pounds


Coarse natural salt crystals help clear maximum hard minerals from your water. The coarse salt crystals can be used with any water softener. Cargill Salt crystals are cleaner than rock salt. Thus they can remove minerals from your water more efficiently. The coarse crystals are obtained from saltwater using natural methods. Apart from this 40 lbs bag, bigger containers are available as well. The big salt containers make it easy to purchase the salt crystals once and store them for later use.



Coarse crystals for efficient functioning

Different size containers available

Cleaner than rock salt

Needs no channeling or brigging



Too heavy to manage and carry


Key features

Pure sodium chloride crystals :

Cargill water softener salt is in form of coarse crystals that can remove the minerals better than plain salt. Pure sodium substitutes the unwanted minerals in your water. Hard water can have many minerals like calcium magnesium iron dissolved in it. Using a natural salt helps in substituting these salts and getting fresh water for daily use.

Different container sizes :

Cargill offers many size options at your convenience. The amount of salt needed by your water softener depends on the hardness level of your water. You can use a big salt container once and store it for use later. This helps you replace the salt whenever needed. But improper storage can cause salt to absorb moisture and loss its efficacy so the salt crystals by Cargill are packaged in a polyethylene bag for enhanced long life.



Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy Best water softener salt

To remove the hard minerals from your water salts are necessary. They substitute the hard minerals and make water soft and fit for use. Although we have made the list of best product options available for you you might be confused even now about which product to buy for your water softener. To help you more with the selection process we have next listed the most important features to look for in the best water softener salt.

Taste :

The salt that affects water taste while softening is not desired. Salty water taste makes water unfit for drinking, cooking as well as plants or washing. High sodium intake can affect your health so use sodium-free water softener salt.

Container size :

Water Softener tanks need frequent salt replacement. Buying salt, again and again, is not convenient that’s why many manufacturers offer big salt containers that you can store and use whenever your tank runs short of salt. Choose the size according to your needs.

Purity :

High purity salt solutions are needed for water softening units. They can replace the maximum amount of hard minerals and won’t form Insoluble crystals.

Cost :

For the efficient working of your water softening unit, you need to replace the salt often. Look for options that are budget-friendly so you can use them for the long run.



Overall best water softener salt

Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener, 50 lbs, White, 50 lbs are the best water softener salt. The 50 lbs container has enough salt pellets for about a month. The design of the bag has a handle for convenient handling.


Best water softener sodium-free salt

Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag 40 Lb is the best water softener salt that has potassium pellets. Sodium salt use can affect water taste so to avoid it potassium is now being used. Potassium won’t affect your body as it’s a natural nutrient for the human body.


FAQs about best water softener salt

How long a 40 Lb water softener salt bag lasts?

It depends on the level of hardness of your water. For average use, the bag will be enough for a month.


Can water softening salt remove iron?

Yes, they can remove iron from the water. Nowadays rust defense salt pellets are available that are designed specifically for high iron water. They can remove iron better than the traditional salt pellets.


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