Best Filtered Water Bottles – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

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If you are one of those people who think what is even the need of the best filtered water bottle then give this article a read. It will surely enlighten you and let you live a healthy lifestyle.

Filtered water bottles play an important part in our lives. Now you must be thinking how? Since we can buy water filters or water filter pitchers in place of them. Then what is the purpose of filtered water bottles as they provide much less water than filters or pitchers? Now think of a situation where you need to travel . can you carry the filtered water with you?


Let us now review the best-filtered water bottles together.

If your answer is yes, then you would need to carry a large amount of water, and if your answer is no, there are 2 choices. Either you are willing to make a compromise on your health which under no circumstances is a good choice as we all know that health is wealth or in the second scenario you can have a filtered water bottle. This filtered water bottle is light weighted and easily carryable plus the fact that it will save you from spending a lot on money on buying filtered water makes it the right choice. Thus neither your health nor your money is wasted.

GRAYL Geopress 24 oz Water Purifier for Global Travel, Backpacking, Hiking, and Survival (Coyote Amber)

As our premium pick, we have selected the filtered water bottle by GRAYL. This filtered water bottle is best reviewed by the users. Thus if you are planning to travel any time soon, be sure to buy this one. We are also saying this because of the fact that this water bottle has been proven to remove all type of bacteria, contaminants and viruses. Thus anywhere you go you do not need to worry about whether you will get safe and pure water there or not .as long as you have this filtered water bottle with you, your health will always be in good shape.



1.5-pound weight

Removes all viruses and bacteria

Remove contaminants such as heavy metals

Easy usage

Quicker speed

Contains 24 ounces water once



Does not have any quality indicator


Key features

Quicker speed

The best feature we like in this water filter bottle is that it provides quicker speed. In this way, we would not need to worry that we would need to spend a certain amount of time waiting or the water to get filtered. You need to wait for only 8 seconds, making it an ideal choice for travel.

Easy usage

We loved the fact that this water filter does not require electricity or difficult techniques to get pure water. All you need to do is to use your body weight to put pressure on the pads, and you will get pure water. Thus no extra effort needed.

Removes all contaminants

Keeping in mind that water from lakes, ponds, rivers can have all types o contaminants, this filtered water bottle is designed such that it can remove viruses, bacteria, harmful minerals, pathogens in short all types of contaminants.


LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

We have selected LifeStraw water filter bottles as our editors choice. This is because we not only loved the specifications and features it has but also the reviews of the people. The most exciting feature people loved is that it is highly durable. Thus you can go anywhere, drop it many times, use it many times and yet it will stay by your side. In this way, you do not need to buy filtered water bottles again and again. Now let us see other key features, pros and cons of this water filter bottle.




Carbon filter

2 sage filter

99.9% of bacteria removal

23 ounces of water

Highly durable

Weighs 1.4 pounds



Does not have an indicator when to change the filter


Key features

2 stage of the filter

This filter water bottle uses a carbon filter technique to get pure, clean water free o bacteria, viruses and all type of contaminants. Also, to ensure the purity of water, they use a 2 stage filter. In this way, people surely get pure water for drinking.

The bottle is leak proof.

When you are travelling, you surely need a bottle that does not leak even after it fell many times. If it leaks, it will damage all your other belongings too causing you a lot of trouble. Therefore this water bottle is made leak-proof for your convenience.

23 ounces of water

Having a water bottle that can store only a small amount of water would need you to fill it again and again and thus causing trouble. Therefore we need a bottle that can store a large amount of water such as this bottle which can store 23 ounces of water.



Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle, 26 oz, Sea Glass

Having a water bottle that has a filter in the straw is amazing. Isn’t it? In this way, the filter won’t take up large space and allows more water to be stored in it. It allows the users to get 26 ounces of water for once. Also, it saves you from buying 1800 plastic bottles having filtered water, saving you a lot of money. In addition, it has high reliability, easy use age and all other basic features.



Filter replacement after 40 gallons

Removes chorine


Cleaning is easy

Can be replacement of 1800 filtered plastic bottles



Does not include any indicator to show quality


Key features

Filter life span

Having a filter water bottle that has a longer life span is necessary. In this way, it would supply you clean water for a much longer time period. This water bottle satisfies this demand and provides about 40 gallons of water before the filter needs to be replaced.


Convenient use age is extremely necessary. Therefore this water bottle has been designed such that it can fit in cup holders in cars and also has a built-in lid with which it is extremely easy to carry it anywhere.

Money saver

Saving money has always been a priority for people. With this water bottle, we can save money worth 1800 bottles. This is a huge amount. Thus it is surely a money saver.


Survimate Filtered Water Bottle BPA Free with 4-Stage Intergrated Filter Straw for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking and Travel

While looking for filtered water bottles, we came across Survimate filtered water bottle, and it has caught our attention. This was mainly due to the fact that this water bottle uses a 4 stage filter. You can just imagine how much concerned it is about the safety of its users and is never going to make any compromise on it. This 4 stage helps the water to get purified from any kind of virus, bacteria, harmful minerals or any other contaminant. Thus it surely ensures the purity of water.



4 stage filter

Highly durable

Resistant to heat

Supplies 1500 litres before filter replacement

Made of copolyester



Does not show quality continuously


Key features

1500 litres of water

The main feature of this filtered water bottle is that it provides a large amount of pure water before there is a need to change the filter. It supplies 1500 gallons of filtered water which is a huge amount.

Built-in compass

Another exciting feature of this water filtered bottle has that it contains a compass on top of the cap. Thus helps you in a great way of travelling. Also offers 2 in 1 use.

Easy process

For providing filtered water, this bottle does not need any electricity or battery, which is great as you never know if you would find electricity during travelling. Also, it does not need any pumps or hoses or squeezing at all. All you need to do is sip almost 8 times and get filtered water.



GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier [+ Filter] Bottle

Once again, we will be reviewing the water filter bottle by GRAYL. The filter water bottles provided by this company are unmatchable. The thing we loved about this filter is that it is compact in size. This means it does not occupy larger spaces and is thus entirely comfortable for travelling. In this way, we do not have to dedicate a large space in our luggage just for a water bottle, and at the same time, we do not have to compromise on our healths.


Weight is 2.72 ounces.

Easy use age

Fast speed

Has been awarded

Improves flavour



Is not resistant to heat


Key features

Compact design

The design of this filtered water bottle is kept compact and sleek so that the users do not have an issue carrying it around. At the same time, it is very light weighted, providing them with great comfort.

Pathogen removal

This water filter bottle has the ability to remove pathogens like hepatitis A, bacteria like cholera, many chemicals like chlorine and benzene and also heavy metals like lead, zinc etc. thus ensuring the purity of the water and making it extremely safe for drinking.

Has been awarded

This filter water bottle due to its specifications and extra advanced features is thus awarded. All this way, due to its extra safety to provide pure water in addition to all other basic features.



Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Water Filter, Fast Flow, 0.1 Micron EZ Clean Membrane for Endurance Sports, Camping and Backpacking, One Size, 8018006

Having a filtered water bottle from Katadyn ensures that you are in the right hands and have not made any mistakes on choosing the brand to trust on. It can store 10 litres of water that is sufficient for a long time period if you are travelling. Also, it is extremely light weighted. It weighs only 2.24 ounces which makes it extremely easy for people to carry it. Thus all these features surely make this water filter bottle stand out.



2.24 ounces weight

10 litres water storage

Has 0.1 microns

Removes 99.99% of bacteria

Easy cleaning

Does not use chemicals



Does not have a compass


Key features

1000 litres filtered water

Having a water filter bottle that can stay by your side for a large amount of time can be extremely helpful for people. This filtered water bottle also satisfies this requirement and supplies about 1000 litres pure water too its users before there is a need to change the filter.

Does not use chemicals

The thing we liked the most about this filtered bottle is that it does not use chemicals for providing filtered water. Thus makes no compromise on the health of people.

Easy cleaning

The cleaning procedure is extremely simple. We will simply need to shake the filter to remove any debris in it. Thus no extra tools are required or cleaning the filter in this water bottle.

20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle with Filter – BPA Free

If you are a player and looking for a filtered water bottle, then this obviously is the right choice for you. You might be thinking what makes it different from other water bottles? The main thing that makes this filtered water bottle different is its weight. When we are travelling, we can carry more weight than we are going to play. Therefore we need a much lighter water bottle than the ones provided for travelling. Therefore Brita has designed this filtered water bottle, especially for the players.



1.3 pounds of weight

24 ounces of water

150 bottles worth water for 1 filter

Is squeezable


Has a loop to carry it



Compass not included


Key features

Loop for carrying it

While playing sports, you need a loop to carry it around. Most travelling water bottles do not have this feature because people can carry them in their bag packs too, while in sports, you need to carry it in hand. Therefore this water bottle comes with a loop for carrying it.

24 ounces of water

Although this water bottle is light in weight, you do not need to worry about whether it can store enough water or not. It can store 24 ounces of water that is quite adequate.

Removes chlorine taste

For the health of people, it removes harmful minerals like chlorine from the water and also removes the taste of chlorine. In this way, the water tastes better.



Seychelle 28oz Flip Top Advanced Water Filtration Bottle with Spare Filter

Another filtered water bottle for travellers we will be reviewing id from Seychelle. The main exciting feature of this filtered bottle that excites the users is its long life span. It provides approximately 100 gallons of water to its users before there is a need to change the filter. Thus it surely is one of the best-filtered water bottles.



794 grams of storage

100-gallon water for one filter

99.99% of bacteria removal

90% fluoride removal

Can filter stagnant water

Can be used in cyclones



can not be used with salts


Key features

Extreme conditions

If you are a traveller who needs to visit places where the only source of water are stagnant waters or cyclones and hurricanes, then this water bottle is ideal for you. It is designed to purify filtered water in that condition also.

Approved by FDA

The material of this water bottle has been approved by the FDA to be used for filtration. Thus this water bottle is absolutely suitable to get purified water.

100 gallons of water

It provides almost 100 gallons of pure water before there is a need for changing the filter. Thus this filtered bottle has a much longer life span.



KOR Nava BPA Free Clear Reusable Water Bottle I Arctic Ice I 650mL I 22 Oz I Filter Straw I Eco-Friendly I Leak Proof I One Click Open w/Handle I Great for Everyday Use and Travel I Dishwasher Safe.

In our list of best-filtered water bottles, the last product we will be reviewing is from KOR Nava. The most exciting feature of this filtered water bottle is that it provides a lifetime warranty. Thus whenever your water filtered bottle gets damaged, you do not have to worry at all. The company will get it repaired for you. Also, the service of this company is extremely good. They come to get your bottle the same day you made the complaint. Thus always putting your comfort first.



40 gallons water for 1 filter

NSF 42 certified

Has 700 mm capacity

Cleaning is easy

Lifetime warranty


Break proof



Does not have an indicator to show quality


Key features

NSF 42 certified

NSF has issued a certificate or this water filter because it fulfils all the criteria like efficiently removes bacteria, viruses, hard minerals. Thus ensuring that users get pure water.

Shutter proof

If you are the person who frequently drops his/her bottle down, then this bottle is surely the right choice for you. It does not break even when it is dropped frequently and thus is best for such cases.


Ultimate buyers guide for best-filtered water bottle

While buying filtered water bottles, keep the above-mentioned features in mind and don’t buy a bottle that does not have any of these features.


A water filtered bottle should be highly durable. It should stay by your side for a longer time period so that you do not need to worry about buying water filtered bottles again and again.

Do not use electricity for filtration

The method used by the filtered bottle for filtration is important. Think you are travelling in a place where there is no electricity available or if the filter is battery operated then you ran out of battery, and no batteries are available nearby, then you would face a lot of problems while getting pure water. Therefore select a filter that is no electricity or battery operated.


A filtered water bottle should be certified that it is absolutely suitable or removing bacteria, viruses, pathogens and all sort o harmful contaminants from water. Thus ensuring that no compromise is made on the health of the people.



Best overall filtered water bottle

Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle, 26 oz, Sea Glass

Is our choice as the best overall filtered water bottle? It is said to be the best because of its high durability and longer life span. This helps us keep the filtered bottle by our side for a longer period of time. In this way we do not need to buy any more filtered bottles and also this will help us save us a large amount of money. Also, it is leak proof. Thus it won’t ever ruin your belongings due to any leakage.


Best value for money filtered water bottle

Survimate Filtered Water Bottle BPA Free with 4-Stage Intergrated Filter Straw for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking and Travel

Is our choice as the best value for money filtered water bottle. This is because it has a 4 stage filter for providing pure water. This helps remove all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and harmful minerals. Also, it has an inbuilt compass on the cap, which helps a lot during travelling. Thus provides 2 in 1 use and also is a very good value for our money.


FAQs for best-filtered water bottles

Can filtered water bottles purify stagnant water?

It depends on the type of water bottle. Some are able to do so while some are not. So if you want one that can purify stagnant water, be sure to buy one that can do so.


Do filtered bottles need electricity for purifying water?

No mostly water bottles are designed so that they do not need electricity or a battery for purifying the water. They have been designed while keeping in mind the fact that most travellers may not have electricity available.


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