CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter Review 2021

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Have you ever wondered if the water quality of your tap fine for your health and other use? Water is a necessity of an average human daily life. We use water from drinking to cleaning, for growing our plants to wash our dishes. This much usage demands we should be highly concerned about the quality of water we get. Unluckily due to the rise in pollution and industrialization, many water beds get polluted so if you own a private well it might have many chemicals dissolved.

The apparently clean water coming through your tap can have high levels of lead, Chlorine, fluoride either due to passage through the plumbing system or might from some other source. Water borne infections can be fatal so prevention is a must. The best way is to install the most efficient filter system in your home. A high capacity filter will provide enough water for the whole family.

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter Review

In this article, we’ll review cuZn UC-200 which has become the talk of the town because of its enhanced features. Water filtration is a costly process especially if you want to filter a huge amount of water daily. Big families have surely huge daily water needs so water filters don’t last long and replacing filters is a time requiring as well as costly. All your above-listed issues will end for sure with cuZn UC-200. We’ll look next to what makes this product a must-have choice.



Fits under counter so won’t be visible

Filter lasts for 5 years

5-year performance warranty

Sealed design filter

Eco friendly

Easy installation

Adapters provided with the unit

Does not affects beneficial mineral content in water

Over 20 years manufacturing experience

3 stage filtration process removes major contaminants

Bacteriostatic filter

All additional components needed for installation provided free of cost



Heavy unit so under sink installation will be a hard task

Doesn’t reduce TDS

Doesn’t soften water

Might won’t last as long as described

Works only with municipal water supply


Key features :

Ultra-high filtration capacity :

Frequent need for filter replacement is a huge issue for those who own a water filtration system. Buying water filters again and again and installing them takes time and effort. If you forgot to buy replacement filters in advance you suffer a lack of pure water for drinking. All these listed issues make it hard to own a filter system. CuZn has designed a filter that can solve all your problems due to its high capacity. CuZn water filter can purify up to 50000 gallons of water before you need to replace the filter. Due to the high capacity of the cuZn water filter, the buyer gets to enjoy a clean drinking water supply for several years with a one-time investment.

Long filter life:

The high capacity filter lasts for about 5 years. This means no need for maintenance for several years. Although filter life is affected by many factors like frequency of use and level of contaminants in water but cuZn manufacturers are confident that this filter will last 5 years if used with municipal water. You can enjoy a clear water supply for the next 5 years without worrying about when to change filters or any reduction in water flow rate. After 5 years the whole unit needs to be replaced. as these filters are sealed and don’t need any cleaning or maintenance.


Under counter water filter :

This filter system is installed under the sink so it won’t be visible and you won’t worry about the filter affecting the look of your kitchen. This unit occupies less space and provides highly efficient filtration. Under the sink, the water filtration system needs less maintenance, has a higher flow rate than countertop water filters or pitchers.

Best for drinking water requirements :

Is frequent filter replacement tiring for you? CuZn water filtration system has a 50000-gallon capacity which means approximately 28 gallons of water per day. This much water is enough for a family of 4 for daily cooking and drinking. Installing this unit you can fulfill the pure drinking water need of your family with just one unit.

5-year performance life warranty :

CuZn manufacturers are confident about the performance of their product that’s why they offer a 5-year filter life warranty. Expansion before this time limit is unlikely but if it does happen just email cuZn requesting a warranty replacement. CuZn will test the municipal water quality and symptoms of early expiration mentioned by the buyer and then design a customized unit that will last the mentioned limit. A long time product warranty saves buyer repair cost. You just need to email or call the manufacturer and they will be there to solve your issue.


Environment friendly :

Are you one of those who purchase bottled water for daily drinking use? Many people find it easy to buy bottled water of pure water instead of installing a complex unit. Purchasing bottled water costs you a lot in the long run and the plastic bottles after use is dumped on the ground and add to pollution. This durable unit that needs no maintenance for several years saves this issue. Thus save your money and the planet you live on by switching to filtered tap water. This unit will last several years so you can enjoy freshwater for a long time.

All in one filter :

Water can dissolve many harmful substances so owning a multi contaminant removal filter will be the best choice to own. Installing different filters for different major contaminants is not economical or easy to maintain so cuZn filter which can remove various organic and inorganic contaminants will protect you and your whole family from all water-borne diseases. CuZn can remove chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and sediments that affect water quality.


Maintains beneficial mineral level:

Some minerals present in water have a very positive impact on life and their removal is not desired. Many units use the remineralization process to add back those beneficial minerals lost during the process of filtration. CuZn aims to maintain those beneficial minerals present in your water so the total dissolved sediments level won’t reduce after filtration. TDS testing is not a reliable method to check the performance of this filtration system. Rather chlorine strips provide information about filter performance efficiency.

Bacteriostatic filter system :

Fear mold growth on your filter? No more with cuZn water filter system. Recent researches showing that water filters might be removing harmful substances from water but they are susceptible to bacterial growth left mainly concerned about their water quality. CuZn water filtration system manufacturers have designed this unit with kdf filtration media so your concern of bacterial growth on filters gets addressed. The system is bacteriostatic so bacteria won’t grow on your filter. Clear high-quality tasting water for long is what you get after installing a cuZn filter.

Complete hardware for installation provided with the unit :

For cuZn manufacturers, the ease of customers is the prime priority. The installation process of this unit is described in detail by manufacturers so you can do the job yourself in no time. This saves the cost of professional help. CuZn provides all material needed for installation without any additional cost. Manufacturers will provide the kit upon request so you get the stuff you require.

Reasonable price :

The price for this unit is very budget-friendly when compared to other options available in the market. Considering the durability and high efficacy filtration this water filtration system by cuZn is a very economical choice. Including the Free hardware parts and no maintenance need feature this product is one of the best water filtration systems available.

Low maintenance cost :

Unlike the traditional options in which you need to replace your filters every 6 to 12 months cuZn lasts 5 years so you don’t need to buy new replacement filters. This saves your money moreover you don’t have to spend on any repair cost as the manufacturer provides a 5-year product warranty so in case of any issue you can email them for help and they will send you a replacement.

Efficient water flow rate :

If you have used a water filter before this purchase you will know how most water filter affects the water flow rate. If the water demand exceeds capacity water flow rate is reduced to minimal which is not desired at all. This makes you wait for long and thus a major portion of your day gets wasted waiting for water to get filtered. CuZn water filter quickly purifies your water within 5 minutes so you don’t need to wait for long. This feature ensures that you have abundant pure water at all times.

Works with standard faucet :

CuZn water filter system doesn’t need a separate faucet for its functioning. The unit is connected to the standard kitchen faucet so it saves the need for spending money on buying a special faucet. You can connect the unit with any faucet in your home as it doesn’t occupy much space. No need for a special faucet also saves you kitchen shelf space.

Compact design :

This filter unit only weighs 8 pounds so you can carry it easily and the dimensions of this unit are 4.5 inches in width and 15 inches in height. This tall, slim design gives you ease to install the unit under any sink easily. This won’t occupy much of your space. The unit can stand vertical under your sink.

Quick installation :

Another costly process? No not with cuZn filters. Installing this water filtration system will be a matter of minutes for you. Just read the instruction manual provided or watch the YouTube guide about how to install this unit under your sink and you’ll know how to do the job. The installation process requires only 15 minutes approximately and no need for any expensive tools or plumbing. Just making the right connections and your unit starts doing its job.

Food grade water tubings and pipes:

As the filter system is NSF standard 61 certified, this implies that the stainless steel hose used for connecting the filter inlet to the water supply valve is food grade. The use of food-grade material for the manufacturing of filtration system prevents any harmful substance from leaching into water as it passes through the pipes.

Prompt customer service :

Many customers have appreciated the quick response from the manufacturer. They have shared their experiences of issues they had to face and how cooperative the manufacturers were. Having good customer service makes the product experience much better. You can contact the expert team for help anytime. This helps you understand your system better.

Filter system :

What material is used for filtering water is the major question using a filter system. This filter system doesn’t use any chemical treatment to improve water quality. CuZn water filter uses 3 stages filtration system to ensure maximal contaminant removal. These three water filter system components together provide the best quality tap water. The purification system comprises

° KD 55 filter media

°Catalytic carbon filter media

° micro sediment membrane

Micro sediment membrane :

Sediment membrane removes all visible solid dirt from your water which otherwise would clog your faucets. Removal of solid waste in the water at the first level of filtration protects the next media from the build up of dirt and dust.



KD filter media mainly reduces chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria using redox reactions. This gold colored media is recyclable and can control the growth of bacteria and molds.


Catalytic carbon media contains activated carbon that helps remove odor and VOCs. Carbon media improves water smell and color so you get totally bottled water like looking water from your tap. This media has been tested to NSF standard 42 and 61. Industry-standard water filtration process gives better tasting water that is free from any health affecting substance.

NSF standard 42 :

These filters remove chlorine, taste, and odor from water and are used either under the sink or with a whole house filtration system.

NSF standard 61:

This certification makes sure the product is designed using high-quality food-grade material so no harmful elements will leach out of the system into water. This sets a standard for what material can be used for water portability and how safe it is.

With 20 more years of experience, cuZn has become a pro in manufacturing the best filter system for uninterrupted water supply to the whole family.

Installation process :

Getting professional help for installation is costly but don’t worry about this with this unit. CuZn water filtration system needs no additional help. The easy quick process can be completed without any help in just 15 minutes. Follow the steps listed next for DIY installation.

° Get an adjustable wrench.

° Turn off your faucet cold water supply

° connect the faucet supply line to the filter outlet

° connect the supply hose that came with the filter with the cold water valve

° Turn on the tap for one minute so air bubbles get removed and you are done.

Filter performance testing :

This is not a fancy system with indicator lights or digital monitors so how to know about filter life or performance? Using chlorine test strips you can assess your water filtration system’s functioning. If you detect chlorine in your filtered water it’s time to replace the unit. Using sensitive test strips that can detect 0.25 or 0.5ppm chlorine water level you will earlier detect the need for replacement.

Drawbacks :

No unit is perfect. Every system lacks in one way or another. Until now we have listed all beneficial features of this filtration unit but it does have some lags which you should be aware of as well. What are the drawbacks of this filtration system? There are some but even yet the product is the best amount the options available and most positive reviewed by users.

Use only with municipal water:

Manufacturers have made it clear to use this system only with chlorine treated municipal water. So if you own a private well you’ll need to purchase a separate filter for that.

Can’t soften water:

Hard water stains clothes, sink, dishes, expensive appliances. Heavy mineral content dissolved in water is a major issue for many but the sad news is this unit can remove those excesses of minerals. As this filter system can’t soften water using a hard water supply will harm the filter system as minerals will be built up and hinder the filtration process so buying a water softener becomes necessary. But if your water supply doesn’t have hard water then it won’t be a concern for you.

Larger than expected :

Don’t be fooled by the images. The unit is heavy and larger than it appears in pictures. Installing this unit under your sink will be a tedious job for some especially elderly. Yet if someone installs this unit for you then you will face no more water issues for the next 5 years. This unit requires no maintenance like filter replacement or cleaning so you don’t need to worry about water quality deteriorating if you forget to clean the filter on time. After 5 years you need to replace the whole unit.

Not a TDS reducer :

You will get the same TDS reading with both filtered and unfiltered water why? Cause cuZn uc-200 purifies water without altering natural mineral balance so the healthy mineral content in your water supply remains undisturbed. Using TDS meters to judge the filter’s performance efficiency is not an apt criterion in the case of this filter system.  If you need a TDS reducer then you can look for other cuZn products.


We aimed to provide you the best possible information about this product and with the research and great customer response seen as the product has 4.8 ratings with 3291 reviews we surely recommend you this product.

This water filter can be the best choice for basic water filtration daily. Durability and no need for maintenance will make your life easier with this unit. This unit by cuZn has several advantages over other counterparts available in the market. The feature which make this product a must-have are:

Long filter life

No need for frequent filter replacement

No need for a separate faucet

Ultra-high filter capacity

Simple installation

Low maintenance cost

FAQs about cuZn uc 200

Can cuZn uc 200 remove chlorine taste from water?

Yes, this unit has an NSF standard 42 filter that removes chlorine from your water supply and improves water taste and quality.

Can one install the cuZn uc 200 filter system without any help?

Yes anyone can install this unit without much effort. The process to install this unit is simple and quick you don’t need any excess tools. All the hardware which you will need for installation will be provided by the manufacturer within mentioned cost.

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