9 Best whole house water filter for well water Reviews & Top Picks 2021

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Are you looking for the best whole house water filter for well water? Water is a necessity of life that we need for our everyday survival. With the rise of industrialization and the use of chemical products in everyday life, water sources have become heavily polluted. This polluted water affects the whole family’s quality of life.

In this article, we have picked the most efficient, cost-effective, and durable. The market is loaded with various products which makes the choice of one for your home hectic. The products listed in this article are the best ones so you choose one among the best using the provided links.

Best whole house water filter for well water

Pollution is on rising. Our air, food, water, soil everything is contaminated. The water coming out of your tap may seem clear and pure but can have lots of heavy metals or pesticides dissolved. To make sure the water is best for health whole house water filters are great to help. The filters make sure all the contaminants are removed from the water before supplying for your use.

Big whole house filters can filter the huge amount of water which is apt for whole family use. Installing filtration units at home has become popular as it is cheaper than buying bottled water daily also the filter units are simple to use, easy maintenance, and save a lot of money. Along with all the aforementioned benefits filtering water makes sure you are not taking in bacteria and chemicals along with water into your body.


Express Water – 3 Year Reverse Osmosis System Replacement Filter Set – 23 Filters with 50 GPD RO Membrane, Carbon GAC, ACB, PAC Filters, Sediment SED Filters – 10-inch Size Water Filters

Pure clean water is a daily necessity so some product that can make sure the quality of water is a need for every family. Express water filter is our premium pick. This filter can provide buyers with 50 gallons per day. This filter system can remove 108 different contaminants from water. Filtering water using reverse osmosis the filter makes sure the whole family has a healthy water intake.



50-gallon water filtration per day

108 contaminant removal

High density graded reverse osmosis membrane

Easy to install



Post carbon filter works with only ¼ “ adapters


Key features :

Carbon filters:

Carbon filters remove the cloudiness, odor, and chlorine from your water. A final carbon filter at the end makes sure the water you drink has a fresh taste.

50 gallon per day:

This filter replacement set can be used for filtering 50 gallons per day. This huge amount is suitable for the whole family use.

Filter life:

The filter systems can remove contaminants for a certain time after which the filters need replacement so considering the life of the filter system is important. Sediment filters, granular carbon filters, and carbon blocks need to be changed every 6 months. The RO Membrane and post activate carbon should be replaced once a year.

Reverse Osmosis membrane:

The reverse osmosis membrane is designed with a density graded layer so the contaminants that are hard to remove e.g heavy metals, fluoride, and microplastics can be removed.

Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration System, Clear

If you are looking for a filter system that can just remove basic impurities like dirt, sand, odor, rust from your water then Culligan water filter is our editor’s choice product and is the best choice for you. The filter system is designed using stainless steel inlet and outlet connecter. The filter system comes with all hardware necessary for installation also a filter life monitor keeps you updated about how long the filter will work for you.



Single inlet-outlet connector so easy to install

Visible filtration process

Battery life monitor

Strong built quality



Lacks a silicon grease


Key features :

Visible filtration :

The filter has a clear sump so the process of filtering water is visible. Buyer can get an idea about the quantity of sand, rust, or dirt present in water as its being purified

1” inlet-outlet system

This filter system is very simple to use with only two inlet and outlet connectors so can be connected anywhere throughout the house. Buyer can connect product near the dishwasher, cloth washing machine, bathroom or kitchen to make sure supply of clean water.

Cost-effective :

This filtration unit comes with a wrench, mounting stand, filter life monitor, and filter battery monitor. So this filtration unit is a complete package that makes its installation easy.

Battery added filter life monitor:

The monitor function gives the buyer idea about how long the filter will last and when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

APEC Water Systems RO-90 Ultimate Series Top Tier Supreme Certified High Output 90 GPD Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System, Chrome Faucet

If you are looking for a top notch water filter that makes sure all nasty chemicals and bacteria are removed from your water supply and you get the clean water that ensures healthy life get an APEC filter system. This filter unit is the best selling product and removes up to 99 percent contaminants from water and needs to be replaced only once a year.



Lead-free faucet

Large capacity filters

Once yearly replaced

Comes with an o ring and stainless steel teeth for better grip



Installation takes a long time


Key features :

WQA certified :

The product is certified for its built quality and performance. This filtration unit removes contaminants using a 5 stage filtration system and provides the best clean water supply

Large capacity filters :

APEC has been designing the best filters in the market for the past 20 years. This experience shows in the quality of the product as filters are designed with a large capacity for faster contaminant removal.

Lead-free faucet :

The filtration unit comes with a lead-free faucet with food-grade tubing. Quick connect fittings ensure easy installation and secure water leakage seal

Fittings protection :

The leak-proof fittings come with o ring and stainless steel teeth for a more secure and better grip. These extra features make sure no water leaks out so the buyer won’t need to buy an additional leakage detector.


Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST Whole House Well Water Filter System w/ UV Purifier & Salt-Free Descaler – Filters Sediment & 97% Of Chlorine – Carbon & KDF Home Water Filtration – 500,000 Gl

If you fear you’re well water might be contaminated with viruses and bacteria along with chemicals then install this water filter for efficient water filtration. This product is designed for maximum water filtration and needs minimum maintenance. The unique up-flow with dual tank design prevents clogging within pipes.



Upflow design dual tanks


High-quality filtration using carbon and KDF filtration system.

Salt-free water technology



Reduced water pressure


Key features :

High-quality filtration system :

The filtration unit comprises a carbon and KDF filtration system with a Uv purifier and scale control using salt-free technology. These systems make sure all contaminants are removed leaving behind only healthy minerals.

Long-lasting :

The filtration unit can filter 500000 gallons of water or last for 5 years before needing replacement. This long-life makes this product cost-effective as it provides a huge amount of pure water at a cheap price

Dual tank up-flow design:

The product is designed for maximum water filtration using two tanks. The unique up-flow design increases water contact with the contaminant removal system and prevents pipe clogging

Simple maintenance :

Pre and post-filters need to be replaced every 3 months for better performance and adequate flow rate. The system does not require any draining of black flow.


iSpring WSP50 WSP-50 WSP-50-Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter 50 Micron, 1″ MNPT + 3/4″ FNPT, 50 Micron, Brass

Whole water filters work by connection to the main water supply pipe and purify the water coming into your home from sand, dirt, and rust. These filter systems are great for protecting appliances from damage resulting from built up of dirt in their pipes or prolonging the life of home drinking water filters. Ispring water filter is made from lead-free brass with stainless steel mesh.



Various sediment filter sizes

Daily flushing to avoid cartridge clogging

Lead-free brass machine

Mesh filter that lasts 1 to 2 years



Lacks a mounting bracket


Key features :

Sediment filter size options:

The sediment filter is available in various micron sizes. Smaller microns trap even fine particles but go for the size that works efficiently for you and replace the filter once every year.

Daily flushing :

The stainless steel mesh at the bottom allows daily flushing of contaminants and dirt of the machine so the cartridge won’t get clogged. This makes the unit reusable.

Easy installation process:

1-inch MNPT and ¾ inch FNPT are present on both ends. Flush out valve has garden hose fitting. The product has to see through the housing so visual monitoring is possible.

Quality built material :

The machine head is made from lead-free brass. A stainless steel mesh screen at the bottom ensures daily flushing so the cartridge will not clog. The steel mesh lasts 1 to 2 years.



Culligan HD-950A Whole-House Heavy Duty Inlet/Outlet Water Filtration System, Blue

We need water for our dishwasher, washing machine, toilet and shower thus we need water for a variety of daily activities. Sand, dirt, and rust contaminated water ruins these expensive appliances. The drinking water filtration plants can also become damaged by water containing a high amount of solid waste. This pre filtration using a heavy-duty filtration system prolongs the life of other home products.



Heavy-duty filtration unit

Simple installation process

Different cartridge options available

Comes with a house wrench



Watch out for small leaks


Key features :

Heavy-duty filter :

This filter is designed for filtering your house’s main water supply so it needs to filter a huge quantity of water daily. This filter can work four times better than other standard filters.

Simple installation :

The filtration unit has just two outlets which are connected with the main water supply pipe using either brass or CPVC fittings. Buyers can install this water filter without any professional help using guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Installation packing :

The filtration unit is packaged along with a wrench that is used for opening and closing the filter. The makes this unit a great product for whole house water use with less maintenance.

Opaque housing :

The filter is made with opaque housing so the water filtration is not visible but the housing is high quality and durable. The cartridge placed inside the housing for filtration is to be bought separately. Different cartridge options are available from which the buyer can choose one according to his requirements

iSpring WCB32C 3 Whole Water Filtration System w/ 20” x 2.5” Oversized Fine Sediment and Carbon Block Clear 1st Stage Filter Housing, Multi

If your water supply contains soft water and you only want a product that can help remove dissolved chemicals and harmful metals then iSpring sediment and carbon block filter can work for your home. This system will not reduce the total dissolved solids like reverse osmosis membrane. This system with a 30000-gallon capacity is installed at the main home water supply so the water reaching all water outlets inside the home is pure and free from odor.



Three high capacity 20-inch filters

High flow rate

Filter capacity for half a year

Comes with caps and o rings



Lacks a mounting frame


Key features :

High capacity 20-inch filters :

The unit consists of one sediment and two carbon block filters. A sediment filter ensures less clogging and pressure loss. Carbon blocks are made using carbon shell carbon and compact fabrication technology for long filter life. The last carbon filter removes residual odor and taste from water.

12 gallon per minute flow rate:

The unit can provide filtered water at the rate of 12 gallons per minute. This high flow rate ensures an adequate quantity of pure water available for use by the whole family.

Better filtration capacity:

This filter system can filter about 30000 gallons of water so will be adequate for use by a family of four up to half a year. After the filter has reached its filtration limit it can be changed using simple steps mentioned in the manual. A pressure release valve is provided at the top that eases water pressure while changing the filter.

Housings with caps and o rings:

Three housing for three filters come with caps and o filters for better grip. This strong connection with a better grip makes sure no water leaks out and the property is safe.



DuPont WFPF13003B Universal Whole House 15,000-Gallon Water Filtration System

Water nowadays can be heavily contaminated with chemicals and metals so it is better to install filtration units with all main water lines at home, office, school, or any other public space. This water filtration makes sure removal of sand, dirt and other visible dirt from water which will affect health or if used for washing or cleaning will ruin expensive machines. DuPont whole house filtration unit is simply installed with the main water supply line and the buyer can enjoy clean water supply through all water outlets inside the home.



Standard ¾ inch housing

15000-gallon capacity

Poly block cartridge for filtration

Extends household appliances life



Bottom might crack after some time


Key features :

15000-gallon capacity :

This filter can clean 15000 gallons of water which is enough for family use. The filter cartridge can be easily replaced after it has reached its capacity.

Standard ¾ inch inlet outlet:

The inlet-outlet of the filtration unit is of standard size so they can easily connect with the main supply pipes. Connecting outlets to supply pipes is easy and the buyer can easily connect the filtration unit following instructions listed in the manual.

Improved taste and quality :

This whole house water filter removes odor and bad taste from water so you can enjoy a clear water supply from all outlets inside the home. This filtration protects the expensive machines from getting damaged by the use of hard water and prolongs the life of products

Poly block cartridge:

The filtration unit is packaged along with a housing wrench and a Polyblock cartridge. This Polyblock cartridge filters water with high efficiency and removes maximum solid dirt coming from the water source.



Culligan R50-BBSA Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filter Cartridge, 24,000 Gallon, White

If you want to replace your standard filter cartridge for an option that will have better efficiency and increased filtration capacity Culligan’s heavy-duty cartridge is fit for your filtration unit. Thus 50 Micron sediment filters can produce 24000 gallons of clear water. The cartridge will remove the coarse sediments and provide them with clear water. This cartridge provides a high flow rate for easy daily functioning. The filter unit has a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute. The filter will last for approximately 6 months considering standard use.



High water flow rate

6-month filter life

50 Micron filter size

24000-gallon capacity



Pressure drops when filter clogged by dirt


Key features :

Basic filtration:

This filter unit is designed for removing basic solid contaminants from water. The filter can remove dirt, sand, and rust to extend appliances’ life.

6 months of filter life:

This filter has a 24000-gallon capacity so with average use it will last for 6 months.

50 Micron sedimentation filter:

The sediment filter has 50 Micron size so it removes all visible dirt from water which can clog the pipes or destroy expensive machines working using water.

High flow rate:

Are you worried about a reduction in water pressure after using a filter? Use this filter for your whole house water supply as 3 gallons per minute flow rate will work well for all machines.


Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy a Best whole house water filter for well water

Ensuring the health safety of the whole family by making sure the supply of pure water is a rising concern. Tap water can be heavily contaminated with metals and pesticides that are not visible to the eye but cause health havoc. Choosing one product from among a variety of options available in the market can be tricky. We have listed some major features to look for in your best whole house water filter for well water next

Capacity :

Water filters designed for the whole house should filter enough water daily for whole family use. This is important for the buyer to look for a product that matches his own daily water requirements while purchasing.

Cost :

Keeping your budget in mind look for a filter that offers maximum diverse features in that price range. Filters can get damaged and leak or crack so it’s not wise to spend on an expensive one.

Easy installation and maintenance :

The filter unit should have clearly mentioned parts that are easy for the buyer to install so it saves the cost of installing. The process of changing filters should be read and understood by a buyer before purchasing one.

High flow rate:

The filter system should have a high flow rate so the functioning of appliances run on water is not compromised. Low flow rate takes along time to filter out a small quantity of water and so is not desired.



Overall best whole house water filter for well water

Express Water – 3 Year Reverse Osmosis System Replacement Filter Set – 23 Filters with 50 GPD RO Membrane, Carbon GAC, ACB, PAC Filters, Sediment SED Filters – 10-inch Size Water Filters

Is the best whole house water filter for well water. This filter uses a reverse osmosis membrane to filter out chemicals, pesticides, and metals from water. The express water filtration system has a capacity of 50 gallons per day which is adequate for whole family use.

Best value for money whole house water filter for well :

APEC Water Systems RO-90 Ultimate Series Top Tier Supreme Certified High Output 90 GPD Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System, Chrome Faucet

Is the best value for money whole house water filter for well. This filter uses reverse osmosis to remove contaminants from water and comes with a lead-free faucet for water outflow.


FAQs about best whole house water filter for well water

How often water filtration unit filters need to be changed?

Filter life varies from product to product and is mentioned by the manufacturer so look for this detail while purchasing your filter unit. Most filters last from 6 months to one year.


Is it necessary to buy a leak detector with a filtration unit?

Use o rings, caps, and stainless steel teeth for better grip and secure connection. This will ensure leak seal fitting and connections so the customer won’t need to buy a leak detector with a filtration unit.

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