10 Best well water test kits – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

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Are you concerned about your drinking water quality and looking for the best well water test kits? Approximately 60 percent of the human body is composed of water. It is important to make sure the quality of water you intake isn’t adversely affecting your and your family’s health.

In this article, we have listed the best well water test kits available in the market for buyers. We have considered the quality, price, efficiency, and durability of the product while making this list. The best products are listed with their features so you can choose on for your users using the given links.

Best well water test kits

Water is the most essential part of our daily life. We consume a huge amount of water daily so it largely affects our quality of life. With rising chemical use either for cleaning, cooking, industries or any purpose it is becoming immensely important to monitor the quality of water. Due to excessive industrialization and so increased use of chemicals your water source might be Contaminated as well. The water might look clear but the chemical dissolved within will cause health problems.

To assess the quality of water by measuring intoxicants best well water test kits were introduced in the market. The products give water quality index simple by dipping a test strip in water and then later comparing strip color to the given color chart. Testing kits will give you an idea about the level of chemical intoxicants present in your water so you can take further steps to install a filter or use bottled water.

Next, we have listed the best well water test kits in the market with detailed features

1-Coliform Bacteria Test Kit for Drinking Water – Easy to Use 48-Hour Water Quality Testing Kit for Home Tap & Well Water | EPA Approved Testing Method | Made in The USA | Incl. E Coli | 2-Pack

For easy testing of tap water health, the metric has designed a simple test kit that gives results within 48 hours. Water sources can easily become contaminated by health injurious bacteria so from time to time monitoring of water sources will save you from fatal bacterial infection. This simple kit is our premium pick and can be filled with tap or well water and then monitored for color change.



48 hours result

2 testing bottles

EPA quality testing

Simple using technique




Judging the accuracy of the test might feel tricky


Key features :

Quick results :

This testing kit is designed to give results within 48 hours. This prompt result makes monitoring from time to time easy. The testing kit needs to be filled with water and then rest for 48 hours after which color indicates either presence or absence of bacteria

EPA level standard testing :

Private wells are not monitors for water quality so you can have this kit and test your water according to EPA standards. The test quality is approved by EPA so you can ensure safe pure drinking water for your family.

Simple using technique:

Health metric has designed this simple kit that anyone can use without any hustle. The bottle needs to be filled with water and then shake for 20 seconds. Later let it rest for 48 hours and then check for color change. A color change indicates the presence of color change.

Cost-effective :

This kit comes with two bottles so you can keep one for later use as constant water monitoring is important to avoid any possible hazard. This simple kit can be used at home with simple steps. This will save you time, money, and effort as you can easily see the result at home and there is no need to send any sample to the lab



2-Pro Water Hardness Test Kit – Quick and Easy Hard Water Test Strips for Water Softener Dishwasher Well Spa and Pool Water | 50 Tester Strips at 0-425 ppm | Calcium and Magnesium Total Hardness

Mineral excess can make water hard. Hard water with an excess of minerals can cause various health issues. Hard water does not work for cleaning as it affects the working of soap or detergent. This testing kit is our editor’s choice product and can measure the level of minerals in the water. The test kits should be dipped in water and then compare the strip color to the color on the chart and assess the result.



30 seconds test result

50 test strips in one pack

Simple to read results

Wide measurement range



Color scale might be confusing


Key features :

Quick accurate results:

The strips can detect water hardness levels within seconds. The strips when dipped in water for approximately 30 seconds change their color according to a level of water hardness.

Good measurement range:

The strip test can measure hardness between 0-425 ppm or 0-25 GPG. This measuring range gives you a better idea about the level of water hardness and is it a health hazard or within bearable levels.

50 water test strips:

The kit comes with 50 strips for time to time water testing to make sure the water is pure. This makes the product very cost-effective as 50 strips will last for long. The strips if stored in a dry airtight container can be used for up to 10 months.

Easy to read results :

A simple colored chart is used for comparison which gives the value of water hardness. Once the strip is dipped in water it will change color which can be compared with a provided color chart. This gives the value of water hardness.


3-Litmus pH Test Strips, Universal Application (pH 1-14), 2 Packs of 100 Strips

If you are looking for some product that can help you easily check your water PH from time to time then litmus pH Test strips are a great option for you. These strips are the best selling product and are dipped in water and the color is then quickly compared against the color chart. Measuring water PH will give you an idea about the acidity or alkaline level of water. This pH monitoring gives information about chemical changes in water and how it will affect your body’s pH balance.

These strips are very simple and easy to use for home liquids or kids’ science projects. No additional help or any sort of money or effort is required once you have the strips you yourself can get the pH result.



Convenient to use

200 litmus strip per pack

Quick results

Premium quality litmus paper



Humidity destroys strip results


Key features :

Premium quality strips :

The strips are designed from high-grade litmus paper. The can be used to assess the pH of any liquid. The dry strip is yellow and once dipped in liquid the color changes indicating the level of acidity or alkalinity.

Value for money:

The product comes with two packs of litmus paper with 100 strips in each pack. The strips can last for long use if kept in an airtight dry place

Convenient usage process :

Its usage is so easy that everyone can do it. Hence absolutely easy for use.



4-Lead Iron Copper and Mercury – Home Water Test Kit for Well Tap and Drinking Water | Fast & Accurate Quality Testing to EPA Standards | Easy to Use and Sensitive Tester Strips Made in the USA

Heavy metals are a major health concern. They cause great issues with physical health. Intoxication with heavy metals whether acute or chronic is harmful. Water sources can become contaminated with heavy metals and cause health issues without you even realizing it. Simple kits are designed to measure the level of metals in water and give the buyer an idea of how safe the water is for use.


Results in 15 minutes

Individual metal testing

High sensitivity

EPA standard water testing



Gives positive result for the lead only if above 15 ppb


Key features :

Individual metal testing :

This test kit is designed so individual heavy metals can be tested. This kit can detect mercury, lead, copper, and iron levels in water individually. The kit is composed of one lead and two mercury, copper, and iron Strips.

Less time quick results :

The harmful metals can be detected using the strips within 15 minutes. With clear instructions, the kit is very simple and easy to use for anyone.

High sensitivity :

The strips are very sensitive to the presence of mentioned metals so even a very low level of metal is detected. This sensitivity gives you accurate results about the presence of individual metals.

EPA standard :

Most other water testing kits are designed for wastewater testing. These kits are designed especially according to EPA standards for tap water testing which is used for daily activities. As the kits do EPA standard testing so they are a very safe option to monitor the quality of water.



5-Safe Home WELL WATER Test Kit – DIY Testing for 16 Different Parameters in a Well Water Supply – Bacteria, Lead, Mercury, Hex-Chrome, Copper, Iron, Nitrate, TDS, Hardness & More.

If you are worried about the water quality of your private well and want a testing kit that can measure all parameters either bacteria, chemicals, physical parameters, or inorganics. The safe home kit can be used to measure 16 different parameters easily at home with prompt results. This kit is also suitable for travelers so they can easily scan the water quality where ever they go.



16 different parameters testing simultaneously

Individual test strips for 20 contaminants

Easy DIY testing process

Portable for travelers



Some shades might be difficult to read


Key features :

16 parameter testing :

This kit is the best option for well water testing as it gives better information about water quality. The kit assesses bacteria, metals, inorganics in water and also can monitor the physical parameters of water.

Portable :

These testing kits can be carried around easily in a bag and you can check the quality of water wherever you go. This detailed water analysis is beneficial for travelers and saves them from a lot of discomforts they might encounter after using contaminated water.

Home testing :

The water quality testing process is very simple and easy to use. The strips are dipped in water for some time and then color change is monitored which indicates the result.

Individual contaminant testing:

The kit has strips for testing 20 contaminants individually. This gives buyers a clear idea about what is the main health hazard present in their source.


6-Well Water Test Kit for Drinking Water – Quick and Easy Home Water Testing Kit for Bacteria Nitrate Nitrite pH Manganese & More | Made in The USA in Line with EPA Limits [NO MAILING Required]

Water is an important part of our everyday life and it needs equal monitoring as the food we eat. Bacteria can enter the body both through food and water and cause serious issues so it is best to have testing kits at home for occasional water testing. Occasional water testing is important and beneficial because it gives you an idea about any contaminant that is present in water before you suffer any health issue. Water well with pure water might get contaminated later on so testing kits are extremely useful.



Individual contaminant testing

Clear strip result colors

Simple testing technique

Easy to follow steps



Directions might be confusing


Key features :

DIY testing kit:

The kit has strips and a bottle. All these are simple to use so you can do a test and get results quickly without any need of sending the sample to the lab and waiting for a response.

8 contaminants individual testing :

The kit can test bacteria, Nitrate, sulfate, Manganese, and other physical matters. This individual testing of major contaminants is useful as it gives an idea about what hazard is present in water so you can take steps to counteract it.

Simple instructions :

The usage technique of the kit is very simple and easy. The instructions are easy to read and follow so everyone can do this test with ease without any problem.

Easy to read results :

The strip result colors are distinct and thus easy to read. For Bacteria Test the bottle is kept for 48 hours after which it changes color.


7-pH Test Strips 0 to 14 (200 ct) for Urine, Saliva, Drinking Water, Kombucha, Pool, Spa, Hottub, Soap, & Liquids. pH Acid Alkaline Universal Test Strips. Acidity Alkalinity Litmus Paper Testing Strips

PH of our body is maintained within a critical limit. Disturbing in body pH is fatal and is a medical emergency. The water for daily intake should be neutral. PH testing strips assess the pH level of water. PH strips can be used to test the pH level of any liquid, urine, or other body fluids. This testing helps with prompt treatment of acidosis or alkalosis.



200 test strips

Clear result

Can be used for food testing

Quick pH monitor



Not highly accurate


Key features:

Food testing :

The strips are simple to use and can be used for testing the alkalinity or acidity of the food. This tests help those suffering from health issues to avoid any added inconvenience

Quality testing :

The strips can be used for measuring the pH of saliva, urine, water, or any other fluids. Measurement of body fluid ph gives an idea about health if the pH is not within the normal range

Pocket friendly:

The testing pack contains 200 litmus paper strips which will last for a long. These strips are easy to use and cheap so it is an effective option for buyers to monitor pH.

Clear results :

Each strip has 4 pads, each with different reagents so it is very easy to read the pH results. On ordinary litmus paper, it becomes difficult to tell difference between two close pH levels while it’s not an issue with this product.


8-Well Water Testing Kit – Tests For Bacteria & 7 Other Tests In One Easy Testing Kit Made In USA

Groundwater wells can become contaminated with a variety of toxicants. Testing kits with multiple contaminant testing give better results about individuals’ toxins. Small water testing kits are great for home use because they are convenient to carry and can be kept for later use. The water bodies should be tested seasonally for contamination.



Bacteria and 7 contaminants testing

Can be stocked for later use

Travel friendly




For one time test only


Key features :

Test at home :

Use this kit for thorough water testing at home without any professional help. Simple testing kits have become popular because they last longer.

Travel friendly :

This small kit can test approximately 7 intoxicants and a buyer can easily carry multiple kits along for daily use.

Cost-effective :

Check your water for Bacteria and 7 other toxicants with one kit at such a cheap price.

Prompt result:

Get quick results about water quality no matter where you are in the world.


9-Drinking-Water Test Kit – 10 Minute Testing For Lead Bacteria Pesticide Iron Copper and More

Pesticides used in agricultural fields might make their way into your water stream and cause you health issues. This quick testing kit can assess water for bacteria, pesticides, and metals. This testing kit is a quick result and makes sure the water is free from major harmful contaminants.



Multiple contaminant monitoring

Standard quality testing

Affordable cost



Bacteria Test takes approximately 48 minutes


Key features :

10 contaminants testing :

This testing kit can monitor lead, bacteria, pesticide, iron, copper, Ph, Hardness, chlorine, nitrates, and nitrites. Make sure your water is fit for you using this kit before you use it.

EPA standard :

EPA standard water testing quality makes sure the world is best for your health and will not cause you any health issues.

Affordable :

The test kit can monitor 10 different contaminants so one kit can be used for a detailed water quality result.

Results at home :

This product gives a quick result that is easy to read and understand at home.


Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy Best well water test kits

Many different options are available in the market which can make it hard for you to decide the one you should buy so we have listed some most important features which you should look for in your best well water test kit

Individual contaminant testing :

The testing kit should have individual contaminant testing so buyers will get a clear idea about which chemical is high in amount than usual and can cause health issues.

Portable :

The testing kit should be easy to use and carry so travelers can use them in any part of the world to make sure their water intake is pure

Cost-effective :

The product should be pocket friendly so the buyer can test their water source occasionally as water can get contaminated any time so it is best to keep monitoring

Long storage :

The product should be designed such that the buyer can store the kit for a long and test it when needed.



Overall best well water test kit:

Safe Home WELL WATER Test Kit – DIY Testing for 16 Different Parameters in a Well Water Supply – Bacteria, Lead, Mercury, Hex-Chrome, Copper, Iron, Nitrate, TDS, Hardness & More.

Is the overall best well water test kit. This kit can measure 16 different contaminant levels in water and make sure the water is completely pure. The usage technique is simple and is small so convenient enough to carry along during travel.

Best value for money well water test kit:

Coliform Bacteria Test Kit for Drinking Water – Easy to Use 48-Hour Water Quality Testing Kit for Home Tap & Well Water | EPA Approved Testing Method | Made in The USA | Incl. E Coli | 2-Pack

Is the best value-for-money test kit. The kit can give a buyer idea about different bacteria that might have contaminated the water source within 48 hours. So the test is quick and easy for anyone to do at home.


FAQs about best well water test kit :

Can test kits be stored for long?

Yes, water testing kits can be stored in dry airtight places and then used later on whenever needed.


Is it easy to read results at home?

Yes anyone can easily find the result of testing at home by comparing the color of the strip to the given chart. Contaminants are tested individually so it will be clear which element is above normal. In case you find color comparison difficult, customer care services can be contacted for help.

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