Best water softener for iron removal Reviews + Buying Guide 2021

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 Do you feel a metallic taste after drinking your tap water? Purchase the best water softener for iron removal to tackle this problem. If you reside in an area where the soil is rich in iron deposits, this iron will possibly be present in your well water as well. Iron in water affects water taste and appearance and causes other wide range of the problem. Metallic water when used for washing dishes or clothes will cause staining. Similarly cooking with metallic water ruins the taste and color of the dish.


Many product options are available in the market that claims to remove maximum iron from your well water so choosing one among them is a tricky task. We have written this article intending to help you buy the best product in the market at the best price. we have listed the best water softener for water removal in the market with the best price, efficacy, and durability. Links are provided so you can easily purchase the product of your choice.


Best water softener for water removal


Do you feel your water supply is cloudy and leaves behind red-brown stains on clothes or dishes after washing? If yes then in both above scenarios your water contains high levels of iron that are affecting its quality. This iron dissolved in water can cause pipe clogging as well. While iron in water is an issue that will affect the quality of daily life but you need not worry anymore. Iron removal water filters are now available in the market that solves this issue in no time.


Next, we have listed the best water softener for iron removal that are available in the market with their key features in detail


iSpring RCC7P Boosted Performance Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System with Pump and Ultimate Water Softener, WQA Gold Seal Certified


Your worries regarding water quality can end with this water filter. Ispring filter system uses 5 stage filtration to ensure quality water supply. This is our premium pick as the reverse osmosis membrane of this system can remove impurities as small as 0.0001 microns. This high precision filtration makes sure only pure water leaves the reverse osmosis membrane. Before reaching the reverse osmosis membrane water passes through 3 pre-filters that remove visible contaminants and extend RO membrane life. Booster pump ensures adequate pressure of water reaches the membrane for filtration.


This filter system has a capacity of filtering about 75 gallons per day which is enough for family use. The system needs simple maintenance and the installation process is clearly explained for buyers. A lead-free faucet comes with a filter unit which can be used as the main clean water supply outlet.



5 stage of high-quality filtration

Lead-free brass faucet

75 gallon per day capacity

Easy installation process



System cannot work without power supply


Key features :

Highly efficient filtration system:

Ispring filtration system uses reverse osmosis for removing impurities. This system removes up to 1000 contaminants present in water. This filter system is mounted under the sink and connected to a lead-free faucet that supplies water. Booster pump pressurizes water through the membrane leaving behind contaminants.

75 gallon per day filtration capacity:

If you are worried about whether your filtration unit will be able to match your family’s demand or not, then this filter is the most suitable choice for you. The filter provides you with 75 gallons of clear water each day which will be enough for a big family also.

Easy maintenance:

The filtering membranes have a certain limit to the capacity of water they can purify. After the filtration capacity is reached filters need to be replaced. This filter system is easy to maintain as filter need only once a year replacement and are easily available.

Lead-free faucet:

The filter system is to be installed under the sink so it comes with a brass faucet that is mounted on the counter and used for water out supply. This faucet comes with the filtration system but more output lines can be connected.


Morton MWSC Universal Water Softener Cleanser, Off-White


Water softener systems can accumulate metals over time which affects their efficacy. The metals are trapped inside the system while filtering water and result in decreased performance efficiency. Morton cleanser is our editor’s choice product as it helps remove those metals without affecting the taste or quality of water. Most often salts are used for cleaning water filtering units but salts alone might not be able to do the job. Dirt, sediment, and iron I resin beds can be removed using this cleanser. It is recommended to use it every 4 months for best working for the filter. This product can be used for any water filtration system.




Used every three months

Works will all filter systems

No measurement or mixing needed

Does not affect the taste or quality of water



No visual instructions about the method of use


 Key features:

Simple to use:

This cleanser does not require mixing and measuring like other powder cleansers so it is very simple to use. The bottle is simply poured into the system and it does the function.


Use thrice a year:

This product extends the life of your water softener if used thrice a year. Built-up of metals ruins filter system earlier than normal so using cleanser results in long system life.


Works with all brands:

This cleanser can be used with all brands of water softeners. The product is poured into the system for removing all trapped metals so the system works efficiently for a long.



The product is very cheap so it is possible to use it every three months for saving the filter system from damage. The product is cheap yet effective so it is a must-have for filter system maintenance.



 iSpring RCC7, NSF Certified, High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener, 75 GPD, Brushed Nickel Faucet

Making sure the supply of clean and clear water for daily use is a major concern nowadays. Water sources tend to become polluted by metals, bacteria, pesticides, and chemicals. These pollutants adversely affect human health and the appliances run using water. Water with solid particles will clog the pipes. To extend the life of your expensive appliances and make sure the health of the whole family install a water filter. ispring water filter is the best selling product with a capacity of 75-gallon water per day. The filtration unit comes with a faucet and is easy to install with clear instructions about the process.




Quick connect fittings

5 stages of filtration



Cons :

Lots of water drained while filtration


Key features :

Reverse Osmosis filtration :

This filter uses a reverse osmosis technique which removes almost 99.9 percent contaminants from the water supply. The reverse osmosis membrane is designed to remove particles as small as 0.001 microns. The machine has a 5 stage filtration system that gradually clears the dirt and contaminants from water. Before passing onto the reverse osmosis membrane that water passes through a sedimentation filter and carbon block which removes solid waste so the membrane is not damaged by coarse particles.

Easy installation :

Quick connect fittings and color labeled tunings make it easy to install the system. As the instructions are clear so you can yourself install the filtration unit and save money you would have spent for professional help to install.


If you are sick of your old system cause of the continuous noise it makes while filtering water then this product should be your choice. The filter system works with efficacy causing no noise. The maintenance is simple as filter replacements are easily available for purchase at a reasonable price.

Money-back guarantee :

The manufacturer provides a one-year money-back guarantee and lifetime technical support so this makes the product very economical. Buyer can enjoy a clean water supply daily by using this simple filter system


Scalewatcher 3 Original Electronic Descaler | USA Made & Patented Hard Water Softener/Conditioner Alternative | 600mA Chemical-Free and Salt-Free Electric Limescale Preventer and Remover

Hard water is not suitable for delayed cooking and cleaning because of its high mineral content. Hard water can cause mineral built up inside pipes and destroy expensive products. Water hardness also affects soap or detergent performance. To solve this commonly encountered issue of water hardness it is advised to use water softeners that remove excess minerals. Scalewatcher has designed this electric descaler to keep the water supply to the home lime-free. Mostly salt-based conditioners are used for treating water which becomes very expensive so it is pocket-friendly options that get the same work done at a minimal cost.



Less power required for working

Durable with low maintenance

Works for any diameter metal or plastic pipe

10-year warranty



Needs to be checked frequently for resetting if stopped


Key features :

Simple installation :

No need for an electrician or any professional help needed to install this product. The product comes with all hardware needed for installation so it is a quick process. The device is powered by a 600 mah battery and fits all metal or plastic pipes.

Saltless water conditioning :

Most often salt-based softeners are used for water treatment but they are an expensive option. This electronic descaler is a salt-free option that can do the same job for a very less cost. Salt-based conditioners don’t remove built up the scale like this electric descaler. This device is very low maintenance with high-quality results.

10 years warranty :

The product has a 10 years warranty which means you can enjoy mineral-free soft water daily without any issue for long. The wires and screws come with the device so maintenance is low and the device will last long.

Works for any pipe diameter :

This electric descaler has wires that are wrapped around the pipe so it can be used to descale any plastic or metal pipe. Descaling will remove harsh minerals from water supplied to home and prevent built up of scales inside pipes.



H2oEliteLabs EWC-Max I 0-35 GPG Electronic Water Conditioner, Softener Alternative Whole House Descaler Protects Against Lime Scale Buildup, Indoor Use Only

Are you sick of mineral build-up inside your pipes that clogs the pipes and causes you issues with the water supply? This salt-free water conditioner can help you with this situation. Easy to install conditioner prevents hard water from causing built up inside house pipes and faucets. This simple conditioner uses salt-free technology to provide clean water that tastes great. Mineral excess can affect soap function and affect hair and skin. Installing a descaler will solve the hair and skin issues you are facing due to an excess of minerals. This product uses chemical-free technology to remove minerals so the taste of water is not compromised.



Maintenance-free conditioner

Salt-free descaler

Wall mounting unit so won’t occupy floor space

Sound notifications



Could not be used outdoors


Key features :

Salt-free technology :

This descaler works with salt-free technology to remove minerals in your water. The conditioner using salt for treating water are very expensive and can’t be used that often. To save money electric devices are a great option as they can work will less power supply for a long and remove already built-up scales.


The conditioner requires no maintenance. Just wrap the wires according to the pipe using the proper instructions given in the manual and the product starts working. Using correct wire length according to the size of the pipe is important and can be checked from the manual.

Chemical-Free conditioning :

Increase the pressure of your water system with the use of a descaler. This chemical-free descaling makes sure the taste and color of the water are not affected while descaling.

For any pipe up to 1.25-inch diameter:

This descaler can be used for any pipe no matter what the material is. This will work fine for sizes up to 1.25 inches.



On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener

While traveling for long distances you might be trapped in situations where there is no fresh water for long distances so having a portable water softener is best. It depends on where you are going to travel. If you are sure about this freshwater scarcity then take this portable water softener and have drinking water anywhere. The water softener will remove minerals making the supply of pure drinking water possible. This softener has a high flow rate which makes the supply of enough water for daily use possible. This water softener can provide a clean water supply for 20 days.



Easy to carry for travel

Provides soft water supply for up to 20 days

Rechargeable using only a box of table salt

Very less pressure drop



Fittings might leak


Key features :

Portable :

These 28-inch long water softeners are easy to carry for removing dirt, dust, and sediments. This softener helps with the supply of soft water at any place.

20 days capacity:

This softener can work for 20 days to remove minerals present in water. The softener can be regenerated using one box of salt within 15 minutes.

High-pressure water supply :

This softener is made to make sure the supply of clean water at adequate pressure so it can be used for various purposes.

Huge mouth opening :

The softener has a huge opening at the top for easy addition of salt. The softener gives clean water that makes detergent function well. This unit can be recharged with just a box of table salt. The capacity of filtered depends on the level of hardness. The standard softener model is 8000 grains.



iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner, Alternative Water Softener

If you are tired of using a traditional water softener that has a huge maintenance cost this product by iSpring can solve the issue of water hardness. This descaler works by emitting electromagnetic waves that cause water molecule clusters to break and bind with mineral ions. The water molecule thus carries away the mineral so that it won’t stick with the pipe. This is a computerized descaler that needs no salt or chemical for its functioning. This descaler can be installed on any pipe in any direction.



Computerized descaler needs no salt or chemical

Works for high mineral content

Does not affects the chemical properties of water

No professional help required



Interferes with radiowaves


Key features :

Computerized descaler :

This descaler using electromagnetic waves to break down the water molecule clusters increases the solubility of minerals. Electromagnetic waves make water clusters to break and prevent scale built up inside the pipe. As it’s a computerized descaler so it does not need salt or chemicals for function. The salt-based softeners are expensive and so not economical.

Designed for extremely hard water:

This descaler is useful for water as hard as 10-19 grains. Using this descaler, buyers can save the appliances from damage that will result from the use of this hard water and extend their life.

Use on any pipe:

This works for all pipes and needs no professional help for installation. Life time tech support with one year warranty is provided by the company so that the purchase is economical for the buyer.

Works up to 50 ft:

This descaler can work for 50 feet distance after which the molecules will re cluster so for a long distance it is better to use two descalers at 50 feet distance.



Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy Best water softener for iron removal

Many different varieties of softeners are available in the market which can choose the perfect one difficult. We have listed the most important features to look for in the best water softener to help you out

Capacity :

The quantity of water that can be filtered or purified matters as it will give you an idea about the life of the product so keeping the size of your family and your daily needs in mind go for a product that matches your needs.

Installation :

The process of installing the product should be simple and clearly mentioned so the buyer can do the job without any need for additional help. Most products have the whole process of installation listed in their manual. Go throw it before making a purchase.

Effect on water quality and taste :

Some softeners might affect the chemical properties of water so choose the product that works without the use of chemicals and is easy to maintain. With the use of chemicals, the taste of water might be affected.

Maintenance :

Products with low maintenance are usually more economical for the buyer. The softener that uses salt for recharge is more expensive so opt for the option that comes within your budget.



Overall best water softener for iron removal :

iSpring RCC7, NSF Certified, High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System and Ultimate Water Softener, 75 GPD, Brushed Nickel Faucet

Is the overall best water softener for iron removal. This filter system provides 75 gallons of water per day which is enough for daily use. Five stage filter system not only removes minerals but also other small dissolved impurities that can affect health.


Best value for a money water softener for iron removal

Scalewatcher 3 Original Electronic Descaler | USA Made & Patented Hard Water Softener/Conditioner Alternative | 600mA Chemical-Free and Salt-Free Electric Limescale Preventer and Remover

Is the best value for a money water softener for iron removal. This water softener uses electricity to prevent mineral scaling inside pipes and is easy to maintain as it requires no salt or chemicals.


FAQs about best water softener for iron removal

For how long do descaler work before needing to be recharged?

This varies from product to product and also depends upon the level of hardness of your water. Most will last about 20 days and can be recharged later for use again.


Which pipe material descaler works with?

Descaler can work with any pipe material either copper, plastic, or metal after the correct size of wire is wrapped around the pipe. The instructions for the size of the wire according to the pipe are provided in the manual.




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