10 Best Water Ionizers – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

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Are you searching for the best water ionizer available in the market? Lately, many people have started using water ionizing machines to experience the benefits of alkaline water. Best water ionizer machines have proved to give many health benefits as well as improved taste. Alkaline water can help you treat acidity and acidic water can be used for cleaning purposes.

We have listed all the best water ionizers available in the market for you to pick the one you like. This article can help you with knowing the different options available in the market. We have picked the most pocket-friendly and items for you so you can purchase from the given links.

Best water ionizer

Water ionizing machines became recently very popular. The demand for alkaline water products has risen. Some people doubt the benefit of alkaline water over normal water as this is not backed by scientific evidence but the users have continuously been reporting health benefits from the use of alkaline water for drinking instead of normal water. These positive results have intrigued many and they too want to experience the change.

Water ionizer machines using the process of electrolysis separate water into acidic and alkaline components. Alkaline water has a higher PH value than neutral water so people believe it can help with body acidity and other inflammatory disease conditions. The taste of alkaline water is a little bitter than normal water.

Next, we have listed the best water ionizer products available in the market in one article so it becomes easy for you to compare and choose one for yourself

1- APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

To provide customers with the best quality alkaline water APEC water filter system is designed with a calcium cartridge that adds pure calcium carbonate to water raising its PH. ABEC filters are our premium pick as they have two carbon blocks so the water is in maximum contact so all the chemicals will be removed from the water and absolutely pure water with an amazing taste clearly distinct from other brands is ready to drink.


Lead-free nickel faucet

Rotatable faucet

3 stage filter set

Food grade water mineralization

Two carbon blocks for purification


Large amount of water wasted during purification

Key features:

Mineralized drinking water:

This water filter has high purity calcite and adds calcium carbonate minerals to the water. This makes it a great option for treating acidity. This food-grade calcium obtained from trustful sources provides alkaline water with great taste and enhanced alkalinity.

Premium quality filters:

Propylene filter removes dirt and dust from water by sedimentation. This ensures a long life of the filter membrane. Two carbon blocks installed inside the filter are used for removing chlorine and other chemicals so the water becomes totally pure. The carbon blocks have a large surface area so that the water is in maximum contact with carbon blocks and gets totally purified.

Modern design faucet :

Designed with the lead-free faucet, the rest of the tubing and parts are made food grade to ensure contamination free water. Rotatable to the 360-degree faucet with a disc valve. Leakproof connect fittings ensure you don’t need an additional water leakage detector.

High capacity :

The filter set uses 3 stages to purify the water and can filter up to 75 gallons of water per day. The tank can hold up to 4 gallons of water.


2-Express Water Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System – 10 Stage RO Water Filter with Faucet and Tank – Under Sink Water Filter – with Alkaline Filter for Added Essential Minerals – 50 GPD

One feature to look for in top-rated water ionizers is water remineralization. With five types of mineral rocks, it’s ensured the alkaline water is loaded with all essential minerals. Completely pure alkaline water is obtained after passing through five stages of filtration and then five stages of mineralization. Express filter is our editor’s choice product with a 10 stage filter system. A leak-stopping valve prevents any water from leaking. Fabric disk detects water around the system, on water detection by disc the water flow to system stops.



10 stage water filtration

Leak detection system

Easy to install

Quick connect feature


Cons :

The cotton pads for water detection might not last long


Key features :

10 stage filter system :

In the first four stages of filtration a sediment filter, carbon blocks, granular carbon filter, and membrane remove all contaminants and impurities from water. In the next four stages antioxidants, minerals and oxygen are added. In the last step, the carbon filter removes any possible impurity left.


Easy cleaning :

Changing the filters after long use is very simple and easy to do for anyone. The filters have a very simple design and all parts are labeled to avoid any inconvenience. Pre-filters are replaced twice a year while others are only replaced once a year. The connecting system is quick and easy so prevents leakage.


Fast water flow faucet:

The chrome faucet is designed to provide water at a rate of 0.8 GPM. The water outflow way is made from brass and keeps water clean and odorless.


Easy installation and maintenance :

Express water filters are our editor’s choice product as they have a simple design so you can understand everything easily. This means no need for professional help to install the filter, the labels on parts can be read and buyers can easily install the new filter system.

3-APEX Quality Countertop Drinking Water Filter – 5 Stage Mineral Cartridge – Best Alkaline Filtration System – Recommended for Healthier Safer Purified Water (Clear)

APEX has designed the best water ionizer for the home that removes 99 percent contaminants from tap water. Filtration will remove all awful odors, chemicals, and microorganisms from the water and provide totally pure alkaline water for your family to enjoy amazing health benefits. This Countertop filter saves money as you need not buy disposable water bottles any longer.



Can fit with standard kitchen faucet

Simple installation

750-gallon filtration capacity

5 Stage filtration mineral cartridge

Alkaline beads for adding minerals

Comes with necessary hardware for installation



Difficult filter replacement

Key features :

Can be connected to domestic faucet designs :

The APEX water filter is the best-selling product that can stand on the kitchen counter near the sink. The filtration unit is easy to install and can be connected to standard faucet designs in homes. Be aware of picking the right adapter that will fit your faucet.



Buying bottled alkaline water for daily consumption is very expensive. By buying a filtration unit you can enjoy pure odorless water at home in excess.


Environment friendly :

Plastic alkaline water bottles create huge plastic disposal which is dumped on the ground and harms the environment. Installing a water filter at home is the solution to eradicating this unnecessary plastic pollution.


Better capacity :

These filters can filter up to 750 gallons of water after which a replacement is needed. Removing 99 percent contaminants and adding minerals to the water for alkalinity, this filter makes sure supply of pure alkaline water for the whole of the family.


4-Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher – 3.8L, Activated Carbon Filter- BPA Free, Healthy, Clean, & Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water in Minutes- Up to 9.5 pH-2020 Model

If you are looking for a small best water ionizer machine for individual use that is small and easy to carry around then this product designed by Ehm is the best option for you. This water filtering pitcher has a capacity of 2 liters and can easily be kept in the refrigerator for chilling. The filtration process is super quick and removes up to 90 percent of contaminants. For an average person, the filters will last for about 2 months so no worry of frequent filter replacement.



Small size

Filter lasts for two months

Advanced micro screen

Can be stored in the refrigerator

Quick 6 staged filtration



Pitcher lid easily slips off

Key features :

Easy to carry around :

The pitcher has a small size with a 2-liter capacity which makes it a great option for individual daily use. The pitcher can fit inside the refrigerator as well. Using 6 filtration stages proper removal of all contaminants and impurities is made sure.


Long-lasting filter:

The water filter is designed to filter 3.8 liters at a time so for an average person, the filter will last for up to 2 months. The filtration system is super quick and these pitchers are a great alternative to plastic bottles with equally convenient to carry along.


Advanced micro screen :

The micro screen ensures all black particles are removed from the water. An additional active carbon and resin layer removes all the harmful contaminants from water. This pitcher is designed to decrease water molecule size producing easily absorbable alkaline water.


6 stage filtration cartridge :

Passing tap water from 6 stages the filter machine provides optimally clean water. Contaminant removal and remineralization set water PH value up to 10. This filtered water has low negative ORP in between – 100 and – 200 mv.


5-Express Water – ROALK10DCG Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System – 10 Stage RO Water Filter with Faucet and Tank – Under Sink Water Filter – with Alkaline Filter for Added Essential Minerals – 100 GPD

Alkaline water is equally beneficial for people of all age groups. To cater to the daily water needs of a whole family a big unit with higher capacity is needed. An express water filter is designed keeping families in mind. This unit can filter about 100 gallons of water per day which will be more than enough for all your daily needs. The pure alkaline water can be used for cooking, drinking, making tea, or any other way you desire.


Pros :

Purifies 100-gallon water per day

Color-coordinated connect system

Enough water supply for daily use

Pressure gauge installed



Filter replacement require much effort

Key features :

High filtration capacity :

Express water ionizer machine can filter 100 gallons daily which is ideal for use by the whole family. Small capacity filtering machines won’t work well for big families. The huge load and frequent filtration will damage filters and they’ll need frequent replacement.


Convenient assembling :

The filter machine comes about 50 percent pre-assembled. The rest left to connect are labeled and color-coordinated so it’s easy to install the product without any professional help. The connect fittings are quick and easy for anyone to do.


Under-sink filtration unit:

No need to keep checking the filtration unit to refill or reactivate it. Express filter unit placed under sink automatically fills the water tank with pure alkaline water.


Easy customization :

Using quick-connect fittings the filter can be easily upgraded. Any additional filtration attachment can be added to the filter unit with easy steps and thus you can customize your filter according to your needs.


6-APEC Top Tier Supreme Certified Alkaline Mineral pH+ High Output 90 GPD 6-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ULTIMATE RO-PH90)

Tap water often is contaminated with a lot of dirt, sand, and other chemical toxins. Intake of this tap water is immensely harmful to health and results in severe chronic health problems. Recently the use of alkaline water bottles has become very popular but this adds to plastic pollution as the bottles are dumped on the ground after use. Filtration units designed for homes solve this issue. APEC filtration unit removes up to 99 percent contaminants from tap water and makes it fit for use by the whole family.



Built with high-quality material

Metal faucet

Pure calcite

Filters last for a year

Low system maintenance



Slow water flow rate

Key features:

Supreme built quality:

This system is designed with the best quality material so it lasts for a long. The use of quality material makes this product the best choice for long-term use.


Enhanced ph:

Calcium carbonate is used for raising the pH of water. This food-grade calcium addition makes water alkaline and pure. This pure calcium carbonate safely increases water PH.


Coconut carbon filter :

This filter refines water at the 5th stage and removes any odor coming from water, making the tank impurity-free.


Lead-free faucet :

Metal faucet with quick connect fittings prevents any water leakage.



7- 2 Pcs Alkaline Water Stick, Nano Energy Stick, Alkaline Water Ionizer, Ph 7.9 to 9.5

Big water filtration units are not possible to carry around so to solve the problem of portability Ehm has designed an alkaline water stick that you can take with you anywhere. This small filtration unit is made from germanium, tourmaline, and far-infrared stones. This filter stick is made from stainless steel and takes 10 minutes to raise the pH of water between 7.9 to 9.5.




Small size

Easily portable

Lasts for 6 months

Works with big as well as small water containers



Will rust after sometime


Key features :

Small size:

This small water filtering unit measures 17 mm in width and 130 in height. The interior of this filtering stick is filled with stones that make water alkaline.


Quick filter :

The filter stick will take 10 minutes to raise the pH of water up to 9.5. This works equally well for both big and small water containers. While using the stick for big water tanks, it will not last as long as usual.



The stick made from stainless steel is filled with germanium, tourmaline, and far-infrared ray stone inside. These stone filtration abilities last for up to 6 months.


Comfortably portable :

The stick is so small in size that it can easily fit inside a bag and can be carried around so it makes it a great choice for everyday use.


8-Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Platinum has designed a machine for filtering tap water with a display monitor that shows pH and ORP of water acidic or alkaline level. Two filtering systems inside the machine provide fully pure and clear alkaline water.



Monitor display on the front

Dual water filters

Connects to kitchen or bathroom faucet easily



Small front display print

Key features :

Dual water filters:

A platinum machine with two filters can provide pure water with a pH anywhere between 3 to 12. The filters need to be changed after every 5000-liter water filtration.


Monitor display:

A screen in front of the machine displays filters life counter, Ph, ORP, and water alkaline level. This information display makes the use more easy and convenient


Works with kitchen faucet :

This countertop filtration unit can be connected to the kitchen faucet easily.


9-Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Bottle – Increases pH and Filters Water – 28 oz

Many people commonly use plastic alkaline water bottles which when empty add to environmental pollution. Seychelle filter bottle is a great invention, it can be filled with normal tap water and the filter system will filter out all impurities. This thus decreases plastic waste. The bottle is designed with high-quality plastic and can increase pH up to 9.5 alkalinities.



Portable and convenient to fit inside a backpack

150-gallon filtration capacity

Indefinite pH rise

Made from high-quality plastic


Cons :

Cap might leak easily.

Key features :

Increases pH to 9.5:

The Seychelles alkaline filter is designed to raise pH indefinitely. Ionic adsorption microfiltration technology removes all the impurities and enhances pH by maintaining minerals.


Portable :

The bottle looks the same as an ordinary plastic bottle so can be carried around easily or fit in a backpack. The bottle is very lightweight as opposed to big water filtering machines.


Saves money :

Purchasing bottled waters can sum up to a huge amount per year so using a bottle filter this cost can be saved. This filter has a capacity of filtering approximately 150 gallons of water so can be filled up to 600 times.


High quality built:

High-quality plastic is used to build the filter system so it lasts longer. The filter system is easy to clean with clear and easy to understand instructions.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy Best water ionizer 

Market is flooded with lots of products offering different features we have listed some key features to look for while buying a best water ionizer

Capacity :

A water ionizer with huge capacity is useful for use at home similarly a small stick or bottle will work for travelers or those staying long outside for work. Choose the appropriate capacity filter according to your needs.


Filtration System :

The filtration system is composed of multiple stages that remove impurities and add minerals. Make sure your product has a good filtration system that will remove maximum impurities.


Easy to install and manage:

The filtration unit should be easy to use with clear instructions. The installation process should be clearly mentioned. All the parts should be labeled and filters should be easy to change.


Filter life:

The filters that purify water need to be changed after they have reached their limit. Purchasing a filter with a long life is important so you will not need to spend money to change the filter often.



Out of various products displayed on websites we have picked the most efficient ones.

Overall best water ionizer:

Express Water Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System – 10 Stage RO Water Filter with Faucet and Tank – Under Sink Water Filter – with Alkaline Filter for Added Essential Minerals – 50 GPD

Is the overall best water ionizer. With a filtering capacity of 50 gallons per day this product can be useful for the whole family. A leak detection system makes sure no water is lost and the property remains safe.


Best value for money water ionizer:

2 Pcs Alkaline Water Stick, Nano Energy Stick, Alkaline Water Ionizer, Ph 7.9 to 9.5

Is the best value for a money water ionizer. This small filtration stick is very suitable for individual use, easily portable, and cost-effective.



Can water filters stop leakage? 

Yes, mostly water filtration machines are designed with a leakage detector that stops water supply to the system upon detecting any moisture.


How long do water filters last? 

Water Filter life varies from filter to filter. Some small filters only last few months while large filters can work for a year approximately.



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