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Best Unicycles 2021: If you want to try something new and challenging then you must learn the art of ride a unicycle. Those want to improve their balance, coordination, and circulation then they should purchase the best unicycles 2021. Riding a unicycle requires some practice because you will need to learn balancing yourself when riding the two-wheelers without any handle.

Once you have decided to do unicycle then you should look for the best available. Riding a Unicycle is the best form of exercise then not only improves your coordination but a fun way to do cardio as well. Here we present you the top unicycles 2021 and the buying guide will further help you to narrow your choice.

Check out the reviews of the top 5 Unicycle reviews 2021 along with their pros and cons.

Top 5 Best Unicycles 2021

Best Unicycles 2021

#1: Gorilla Unisex Unicycle

Gorilla Unicycle comes in various inches like 18 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches so you have the complete liberty to select the size according to your preference. The wonderful thing about the Gorilla unisex bike is that it won’t cost you bucks to enjoy this wonderful sport. The price of this unisex bike is amazing as compared to other costly models. It’s made up of sturdy materials including high-grade bearings and hardware so it is perfect for beginners who want to explore something new and something interesting.

The design of this Gorilla unisex is unique and will last for years. It also includes the quick release seat by which you can adjust the seat according to your height within a few seconds. The assembly is way too much easy and your bike will be ready to ride in a few minutes. All you need to do is to adjust the seat, wheels, and pedals according to your requirement and then you are ready to go. It is available in five amazing colors so you can choose a different color from your friend. It is enough positive reviews to be recommended to the new buyers so show interest in this unicycle.


  • It is available in multiple colors
  • It has a durable frame, seat, and pedals.


  • Some users experienced problems related to the assembly of this unicycle.

Gorilla Unisex Unicycle

#2: Fun Unicycle

Fun unicycle is another great unicycle to be included in this list. It is available in different sizes such as 16 inches, 20 inches, or 24inches. You can enjoy your ride in different funky colors including chrome red and blue. When it comes to durability from the manufacturer, then you must know that is it is highly durable and you can ride on it for years without cracking. The seat guard exactly matches the color of the frame and the quick-release clamps are easy to adjust as well.

It is an amazing choice for beginners who want to learn the art of unicycling. If you are riding this unicycle for the first time then don’t forget to wear a helmet because the first attempts may end up in a fall. You can learn how to balance yourself and this activity also sharpens the mind. It is a great choice for beginners but those who are experts in this sport may need to upgrade this cycle quickly. The only downside of this unicycle is the plastic pedals that are not sturdy enough to bear the fail attempts made by new riders.


  • Fun unicycle is a great choice for beginners.
  • It has strong plastic seat guards with color matching the frame.


  • The plastic pedals are prone to breakage.
  • The advanced riders don’t prefer this unicycle.

Fun Unicycle

#3: Lifeleads Unicycle for Kids and Adults

Lifeleads is a renowned brand when it comes to high-quality unicycle for kids and adults. This unicycle is not only affordable but having being made up of sturdy materials as well. It has a manganese steel frame with high quality super silent bearing. It has an adjustable frame that can be adjusted according to the height of riders.

Those kids and adults who want to train the mind in order to gain strength and balance should ride this unicycle. It has strong tires that are designed to handle the weight capacity of 75 kg so if your weight falls in this range then you can easily ride on this unicycle.

It has an ergonomic seat design and the handle can be adjusted comfortably. The clamp is made up of aluminum alloy so you can easily and quickly adjust the seat according to your height. When it comes to tires then you can always adjust the heavy-duty aluminum alloy rim which works perfectly for group racing and you don’t need to worry about the breakage. The overall stability, quality, and control are awesome so you can easily trust this brand as it provides amazing protection due to its anti-slip design.


  • It is sturdy and less prone to breakage.
  • It is the best unicycle for kids and adults.
  • It is highly affordable and easy to ride.


  • There no negative reviews from the customers who bought this.

Lifeleads Unicycle for Kids and Adults

#4: Fantasycart Unicycle 20″

Fantasycart unicycle is not only affordable but also a durable choice for all those kids and adults who want to enjoy the fun ride of unicycling. It comes with a highly durable frame made up of aluminum and steel so you don’t need to worry about breakage. The Steel frame is coated in order to protect the frame from rust and other kinds of damage. The seat can be adjusted according to the height and weight of the person. It has a large saddle and guard rails to protect it from every kind of damage. The unique bright blue color looks amazing and it attracts the boys who want to begin this extraordinary sport of unicycling.

The tires of this sturdy unicycle also support the rider want to learn the art of recycling. This amazing unicycle is perfect for kids and adults who have moderate weight and height.  If you are taller than 5 feet or your weight is more than 110 pounds then you must keep in mind that it’s not a suitable choice for you so you have to be careful while purchasing this unicycle for yourself. Although it’s a drawback for adults it’s an amazing choice for kids and beginners who want to have fun outside.


  • It’s a great choice for kids and teens.
  • It is durable and long-lasting due to its sturdy built.


  • It doesn’t come with a stand.

Fantasycart Unicycle 20″

#5: AW 20″ Inch Chrome Wheel Unicycle

AW20″ unicycle is totally flawless when it comes to the price. You can easily adjust the seat according to your requirements because seat adjustment is a really simple and easy process and even your kid can also do it without any help. The manufacturers have provided with all the required tools to assemble this unicycle so you don’t need to look for somewhere else to assemble this sports fitness leak proof unicycle.

This amazing product is specially designed for beginners to help them out the freestyling so it suits a lot of riders.It’s made up of a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and heavy-duty plastic on the front which is painted to fight wear and Tear during the false. It has a comfortable super long seat which easily adjusts according to the height of a rider. It’s specially made for the beginners who make fail attempts so you don’t need to worry about the package.

The only downside of this unicycle is the plastic pedals which are prone to breakage as compared to the metal ones. However, you can replace them whenever you want but the manufacturer could consider including high-quality pedals.


  • This unicycle includes a leakage Protection Butyl tire.
  • It has a rational design so it is suitable both for males and females.


  • The plastic pedals are a downside of this unicycle.

AW 20″ Inch Chrome Wheel Unicycle

Buying Guide for The Best Unicycle 2021

A unicycle is an amazing fun ride for kids and adults. If you want to buy a unicycle for the first time then it’s important to look for the reviews and buying guide before making the final decision so that we can have an idea about all different kinds available and their features.

Parts of Unicycle

It is very important for you to know all about the different parts of a unicycle.

The Seat or Saddle

It’s very important to have a comfortable seat because it’s the only thing that will help you to never give up your learning. On a usual bicycle, the weight of a person gets distributed between the seat and handle but in a unicycle, you have to adjust your balance and weight. Make sure that the seat has enough foam so that you can ride comfortably for the longest time.

Bumpers and Handles

Bumpers are great protection for the unicycle seat in case you fall for the first few attempts. It’s always a good idea to invest in bumpers especially when you are trying for the first time. Some of the unicycles also have handles for freestyling so you should consider this feature as well.


Most of the unicycles come with plastic pedals but some good manufacturers consider making the metal pedals to ensure further sturdiness along with a metal frame. Also, plastic pedals are prone to breakage but they provide a good grip to the rider.

Wheel and Height

It is very important to pick the right wheel size according to your height. You won’t be able to enjoy the fun ride if you end up on too small or too large wheels. In both these cases, you will lose control so make sure to have the right wheel size. Wheel sizes come in various inches such as 16 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inches so selecting the appropriate wheel size should be the utmost priority.


In most cases, unicycle frames are made up of aluminum or steel. Steel frames are less expensive among the two. Although steel is heavy as compared to aluminum but it likely to bend when the force is applied. On the other hand, the Aluminum frame is light but more expensive as compared to the steel one because of its sturdiness.

Wrap up

We hope that you must have made up your mind to get a unicycle for you. A unicycle is not as hard to ride as it seems so you need to practice a lot to be an expert in this game. It’s essential to select the right size according to your height and weight but don’t ever forget to wear the helmet which provides ultimate protection. If you are a beginner then you need to consider an affordable option to learn the art of cycling. Once you get an expert then you can choose the expensive one. The above mention unicycles are recommended by thousands of satisfied users.

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