Best Road Bikes Under $500 in 2021{Great Choices}

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Best Road Bikes Under $500: If you are a professional biker, and you are searching for the best road bike under 500$ without compromising on its quality, you have come to the right place finally. In this limited budget, you can conveniently acquire an excellent road bike that can serve your purpose with utmost perfection along with great durability.

It’s quite challenging to find the right road bike under a limited budget. However; there is no need to worry as we have compiled an awesome buying guide for you that includes some of the top-selling road bikes under 500$.

The road bikes that we are going to review are easy to ride, easy to maintain, and highly durable to value your hard-earned money. After reading this buying guide, you will surely gain lots of valuable aspects of road bikes that you didn’t knew before. So let’s get started.

5 Best Road Bikes Under $500

Best Road Bikes Under $500

#1. Eurobike Road Bike EURXC550 21 Speed

The Eurobike EURXC550 is an excellent choice for the money to consider. Thanks to its steel frame design that makes it a durable road bike that lasts longer without causing any maintenance related problems for the owner. The comfortable seat ensures the utmost support and comfort during the ride, it’s also considered as the best option for long-distance riding.

The Eurobike features a durable Shimano A050-21 Speed gearing system that helps you ride this bike on a variety of terrains without any hassles. It’s also a lightweight road bike that you can park anywhere inside your house without struggling for extra space.

This road bike is 85% pre-assembled during shipment to your selected location, you just have to install the front wheel, pedals, and handlebar, we are quite confident that it won’t take more than few minutes for you to do so.

It also comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty that will make your investment secure without any risks of losing money on the wrong product.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Lightweight road bike.
  • 21-speed gear system.
  • Affordable price.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Disc Braking System.


  • Difficult to assemble.

Eurobike OBK XC550 Road Bike 700C

#2. Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

Are you looking for a lightweight bike that you can ride with the utmost comfort anywhere? If yes, This Hiland Road Hybrid Bike will be the most suitable option for you to try. It’s a great road bike for urban rides, thanks to its ergonomic design and Shimano 24 gear speed change system that makes it the fastest road bike for intercity rides.

In this modern era, no one wants to keep heavyweight road bikes as they acquire a lot of space for parking and they involve a lot of other hassles too. The Hiland Hybrid Bike is designed with a durable aluminum frame that makes it a lightweight road bike.

This Road Bike is professionally equipped with an excellent 180mm disc braking system that ensures instant stopping capability and safe driving.

It’s painted with a Matte black color that makes it a versatile option for almost all weather conditions. Moreover; the paint will also resist rust so that you can conveniently ride it during the rainy season.

It’s a very easy to assemble road bike, this road bike will be 85% pre-assembled, rest of the things are pretty straight forward to assemble for everyone having a minimum knowledge of tools.


  • Excellent performance.
  • High-speed road bike.
  • Value for the money.
  • Durable frame.
  • Remarkable disc brakes.
  • Outstanding customer service.


  • The user manual lacks sufficient information.

Hiland Road Hybrid Bike

#3. Eurobike OBK XC550 Road Bike 700C

How can we forget Eurobike OBK XC550 Road Bike when it comes to finding the best road bike for men and women. It’s a great road bike which is constructed with a carbon and aluminum frame that makes it a lightweight road bike. It offers excellent durability, thanks to the steel frame of this bike that makes it a rough and tough option especially for off-road terrains.

This road bike is equipped with Shimano 21 speed gear shifting system that offers great versatility while controlling speed on different terrains. If you are searching for a road bike that you serve you the best with off-roading and hilly roads, then you should consider buying this EuroBike as it will never disappoint you.

It uses a dual braking system of 160mm that will not only prevent accidents but it will also ensure instant stopping ability despite any road condition. Remember, no one wants to compromise on safety, that’s why the manufacturer has taken the braking system of this bike too seriously before any other feature.

The overall design and components including the handlebar and seat are specially designed in such a unique way that you won’t feel tired or uncomfortable on long-distance rides. The cost of this EuroBike XC550 700C is also very affordable as compared to its competitors.


  • Durable steel frame.
  • Dual disc brakes.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Eye-catching design.


  • The paint job is not suitable for prolonged wet conditions.

Eurobike OBK XC550 Road Bike 700C

#4. Sixthreezero 7 Speed Road Bicycle

The Sixthreezero (Ride in the Park) Men’s 700 C Bike is specially designed for those riders who frequently ride on the paved and bumpy tracks. With its lightweight aluminum frame, it will become a lot easier for the rider to enjoy long-distance rides on the most uncertain terrains, thanks to the durability of its frame that will overcome all kinds of shocks without any chances of damage.

The front and rear handbrakes are used in this road bike for easy stopping and extra safety, especially during long rides. It’s an ideal bike that you can consider buying for going to work or any other intercity transportation-related needs.

This All-Terrain Road Bike offers an excellent suspension system that makes it a durable option for unpaved roads.

It offers maximum versatility for a wide range of applications including cruising, coasting, and climbing. It’s also known as a long-distance road bike due to its upright riding design that will take care of riders’ comfort.

The soft brown synthetic leather handgrips will ensure precise grip along with proving the utmost comfort to your hands during long rides.


  • Versatile road bike.
  • Smooth braking.
  • Offers comfortable riding experience.
  • Brief user manual.
  • Ideal for a cruise, climb, and coast.
  • High-quality frame.


  • Oversized road bike.

Sixthreezero 7 Speed Road Bicycle

#5. Schwinn Phocus 1400 Drop Bar Road Bicycle

The Schwinn Phocus 1400 is one of the most versatile road bikes that you will ever experience; it offers infinite remarkable features that no other model is offering under this price range. It’s also a multi-purpose bicycle that can eliminate the need for a gym because you are can also use it for cycling which is a very popular cardio exercise.

The Aluminum frame of this road bike is the most noteworthy feature that makes it a perfect choice for riders. With this durable frame of Aluminum and carbon fiber fork, you can cruise through the most challenging trains without worrying about its durability.

It’s a lightweight road bike that will be perfect for beginners who have just started to ride. There will be also no hassles of parking as you can conveniently park it anywhere due to its portable size.

The Schwinn Phocus offers the most efficient braking system that will ensure its instant stopping power, while the Shimano derailleurs will also provide additional assistance in breaking especially on hilly or inline areas.

We are pretty confident that this road bike will never disappoint you in performance and durability despite using it for frequent rough rides.


  • Lightweight frame design.
  • Efficient braking system.
  • Excellent speed changing capability.
  • Adjustable seat height.


  • Poor pedals quality.

Schwinn Phocus 1400 Drop Bar Road Bicycle


We hope this buying guide was enough to make you understand about the best road bikes under 500$. In our opinion; the Eurobike OBK XC550 Road Bike will be the most perfect option for you consider as it stands above the crowd in terms of features, durability, and performance. In this limited budget, we have tried our best to bring you the top-selling models without compromising on quality. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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