9 Best Alkaline Water Pitchers (2021 Reviews)

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 Recently using alkaline water for drinking has become a new healthy lifestyle. Many users have claimed enormous benefits resulting from the intake of alkaline water. It is reported to benefit from acid reflux, helps lose weight, and hydrates the body better than neutral water. Science has not yet backed these benefits of alkaline water but due to the positive experience of those following this practice the popularity of alkaline water is on rising.

Many different options of alkaline water pitchers are available in shops so choosing one is a hard job. In this article, we have listed the most popular products that will match your budget and work efficiently. All the best products are listed with their key features explained in detail. It will be easy for you to go through features and choose the product of choice using the links provided.

Best alkaline water pitcher

Are you interested in trying out the latest health trend of using alkaline water? Alkaline water pitchers raise the PH of neutral water so you can enjoy alkaline water daily at home. Many people use bottled water for drinking which sums up to a huge amount at end of the month and so is an expensive approach. Pitchers can filter tap water coming into your home saving a lot of money.

Next, we have listed the best products with their key features highlighted so you get to choose what you are looking for.

EHM SureFlow Alkaline Water Pitcher Replacement Cartridge – Healthy Drinking Water, PH 8.5-9.5, 6-Stage Filtration & Hydration System

Do you want a replacement cartridge for your alkaline water pitcher at the best price? Our premium pick Ehm water pitcher replacement cartridge is the most bought and positively reviewed one. Cartridge filters the water so after some time their function declines due to the build-up of contaminants. These plastic cartridges use a 6 stage water filtration system and increase the PH of water up to 8.5 to 9.5. A pack of three cartridges is provided on this purchase which lasts a long time. This cartridge decontaminates water and then maintains stones re-mineralize the water adding iron, zinc, and calcium.


Great for travel

Each cartridge filters 40 gallons of water

6 stage filtration removes maximum impurities from water

Three pack of the cartridge so cost-effective



Takes 2 hour to filter one filling


Key features:


6 stage filtration system:

Water is filtered by this pitcher using 6 stages of filtration. This removes various harmful chemicals from water and raises the PH of water to between 8.5 and 9.5. This gradual filter supplies you with pure alkaline water for daily intake.



Three cartridge pack :

Each cartridge can filter up to 40 gallons of water and lasts for up to 6 to 8 weeks. This replacement cartridge pack has three cartridges in a pack which makes it a very economical purchase. The plastic cartridges can be used for any alkaline water pitcher for a specified time after which they need replacement.


Adds beneficial minerals:

Water has many dissolved minerals all of which are not harmful to health. Some minerals in water that have a positive effect on health get removed by filtration. This cartridge is designed with main stones so it re-mineralizes the water. As water passes through various stages of filtration essential minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium are added back.


Great for travel:

Buying bottled water wherever you go can be extremely expensive. Alkaline water pitchers are a budget friendly option that makes the best travel partner. The size and weight are suitable will travel with 40-gallon filtration capacity this product will last for a long.

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher – 3.8L, Activated Carbon Filter- BPA Free, Healthy, Clean, & Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water in Minutes- Up to 9.5 pH-2020 Model


Bottled drinking alkaline water selling and purchase is a huge industry. This huge consumption of bottled water is hurting the environment. The plastic bottles once empty are dumped onto the ground which creates a wide range of environmental issues. Using advanced technology water filtering pitchers are designed that can provide enough water for daily use and are also easy to carry. This pitcher by Ehm is the best selling product and can filter up to 3.8 liters of water at a time. Just fill your pitcher with tap water and after a quick filtration, you get to enjoy high-quality pure alkaline water at a cheaper price.



Eco friendly

Quick filtration


Easy to carry anywhere



Lid might not fit securely


Key features:

Long-lasting filters:

This alkaline water pitcher can filter 3.8 liters of water at a time. This capacity of water filtration is enough for daily average use. For an average use of 3-liter water each day this filter will last for 2 months after which it needs to be replaced. This filter removes all harmful substances like lead and copper and provides 90 percent pure water.


Increases water PH up to 10:

The filter has a 6 stage filter system that removes all harmful metals and chemicals from water. This supplies you with alkaline water with PH up to 10.


Premium built quality:

These water pitchers are built using high-quality material so the product will last long in perfect shape. The pitchers are designed to fit inside the refrigerator easily.


Improves hydration:

This water ionizer pitcher reduces the size of the water molecule by micro-clustering. This technology produces water that is easily absorbed and has a higher level of antioxidants so provides numerous health benefits.


OXA Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – 2.5L Pure Healthy Water Ionizer, Two x 60-Day Filters, BPA-Free, Clean Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water Purifier

If you feel the taste of your tap water is not fit for drinking buying a pitcher can help you. A pitcher can filter about 2.5 liters at a time which is enough for cooking and drinking. Oxa our editor’s choice pitcher uses ion exchange technology and removes zinc, Copper, Lead, and other pollutants.



Two long-life filters

7 stage water filtration cartridge

Fits inside the refrigerator

Money-back guarantee



Unsteady pouring due to poor pitcher design


Key features :

Two long-life filters :

The pitcher comes with two filters that make filtration easier. Dual filters improve water quality by removing maximum contaminants from the water.

Fits inside the refrigerator :

The pitcher has a wide design so it fits inside the refrigerator. This provides buyers with chilled clean water.

7 stage ion exchange:

The pitcher uses ion exchange technology to remove the harmful contaminants present in tap water. The filter has 7 stages of filtering that gradually remove all impurities leaving behind 90 percent pure water.

Dishwasher safe:

The pitcher is dishwasher safe so you can wash it with other dishes and save yourself from the worry of needing time to wash the pitcher.

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Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, 7-Stage Cartridge Composed of Ion Exchange Resin, Tourmaline, Mineral Balls and Carbon, Removes Free-Radicals and Eliminates Toxins, 2.5 Liters


Many huge capacity water filters are available in the market for a long that provide water supply enough for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and what so ever. But if you want a smaller convenient substitute that can provide you with your daily needs of clean drinking water then this water pitcher is suitable for you. Lake industries alkaline water pitcher has 7 stage water filtration cartridge that clears 90 percent contaminants. This BPA Free pitcher provides 2.5 Liters of clean water supply at a time. With a spill-free design, the product makes sure no drop of clean water is wasted.


Pros :

Made from BPA Free plastic

Spill free pitcher design

Pitcher comes with a cartridge

Can be refilled without removing the cover



Needs to be refilled often


Key features :

Cartridge included in a pitcher :

Most manufacturers provide the only pitcher and the filter needs to be separately bought. Lake industries provide a cartridge with the pitcher. The cartridge can last for 60 days approximately and has 4 levels of water filtration. After the capacity of the cartridge is exceeded it can be replaced easily and replacement cartridges are available at economical prices.

Unique design:

Spout designed for easy pouring of water minimizes water wastage. This design makes spillage less likely so the buyer can enjoy the maximum amount of clean alkaline water.

Environment friendly :

This pitcher is designed with BPA Free high-grade recyclable plastic which protects the environment from the harm of plastic pollution.

High negative ORP and antioxidant-rich filtration :

Antioxidants rich water with highly negative ORP supplied by alkaline pitcher boosts immune health and makes the taste of food or beverages better than before.


Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – pH Enhancing Filtration – 100 Gallon Capacity – USA-Made Filter, 32oz


If you are planning to go hiking or a hilly trip carries this alkaline water pitcher along with you for better hydration. This saves you a huge sum of money you would others spend on purchasing bottled water. The pitcher has enough capacity to provide 4 cups of water at a time. Refill the pitcher from any water source you find without any worry of contamination and stay hydrated during the travel.



Removes 99.99 percent contaminants

Slim design

Provides up to 9.5 basic pH

Re-mineralizes filtered water



Size is small enough to fill the water requirements of only one person


Key features :

Enhanced water PH up to 9.5:

This pitcher removes all harmful toxins in water and raises the pH of the water to a basic value of 9.5. This technology improves the taste and odor of water.

Slim design :

The Alkaline pitcher is slim so it easily fits inside the refrigerator and also is convenient for travelers to carry along.

Remineralization of water:

The pitcher filter adds useful minerals lost during filtration back to the water so the water offers maximum health benefits. Important minerals like iron, Lead, and calcium are added in needed quantity so water is soft and tastes good for use.

Filters 4 cups at a time:

This filter has the capacity to filter only 4 cups of water at a time after which it needs to be refilled so the buyer should keep in mind that for a whole day of water needs the pitcher needs to be refilled again and again.


The Alkaline Water Pitcher – 3.5 Liters, Free Filter Included, 7 Stage Filteration System To Purify and Increase PH Levels

If you want to reap the benefits of alkaline water throughout the day and not be bothered by the continuous need to refilling the pitcher then opt for this 3.5-liter alkaline water pitcher. This filter uses the 7 stage system to remove all toxins present in water. This product with premium design comes with a free filter that lasts up to 2 months. This product is an economical solution for everyday alkaline water needs. Carry a pitcher with you anywhere just like bottled water and enjoy alkaline water at a much lesser cost. The ideal design of the pitcher makes it easy to handle and store inside the refrigerator.



3.5-liter capacity

Lid opening for easy refilling

Free cartridge included

Improves hydration



Digital timer battery cannot be replaced


Key features :

Better filtration capacity :

This pitcher can filter about 3.5 Liters of water at a time which is great for fulfilling the needs of the whole day. This huge capacity saves the buyer from the unease of frequent refilling and a long wait for filtration to occur.

Lid hole for rapid refilling:

The lid has an opening that makes refilling quick and easy. The pitcher can be filled without removing the whole cover. This design makes it convenient for the buyer to carry the pitcher anywhere.

Fine filtration :

The pitcher has 2 fine particle filters that remove all sediments and dirt from the water and provide clear better-tasting water.

Eco friendly built :

This pitcher is made from BPA Free plastic which reduces the negative impact on the environment moreover this pitcher lasts long for many years.


Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 8 Cup, Free Filter Cartridge Included, Increases Water pH, Removes Lead, Chlorine, Copper. Fast Filtration, Water Purifier Pitcher Enhanced 2020 Model

With the production of affordable water pitchers’ use of bottled water had declined but some people yet are reluctant to buy a pitcher because of the time it takes for water to be filtered and the need for constant refilling. Wamery has designed this quick filtering pitcher to solve that concern.


Pros :

Lasts longer than other filters

LCD timer

BPA free

Quick filtration



Lid is loosely fit


Key features :

Free Filter :

Wamery pitchers come with a free cartridge that can work with other brands of the pitcher as well. This cartridge lasts for about 2 months and instructions for replacement are simple and clearly mentioned in the manual.

42-gallon filtration capacity :

The filter is made to last for months with average water use. This makes this product economical and a great option for substituting water bottles from the store.

Long-lasting filter :

Wamery filters last twice longer than other filters which save a huge amount of money you will need to spend again and again on changing filters.

Fits Brita pitchers :

The cartridge can fit Brita pitchers as well. This feature makes this product budget-friendly as it can be used with different water pitchers.


Dafi Crystal Glass Filtering Water Pitcher 8 Cups LED Anthracite + Alkaline Filter Made in Europe BPA-Free

Dafi alkaline water pitcher has an elegant design and glass body which protects it from scratches and leakage. This pitcher can provide 8 Cups of filtered water at a time but the unique feature of this water pitcher is its LED sensor that indicates filter life and time left to purchase a new filter.



Slip-proof base

Scratch-resistant glass body

Led sensor monitors filter life

Mobile app for monitoring filter life



Higher cost


Key features :

Slip-proof base :

The base is slip-proof so the pitcher won’t slip odd surface and the chance of water wastage is reduced.

Led sensor and mobile app for filter life monitoring :

This pitcher has a Led sensor at the top that keeps buyers notified about the life of the filter. Similarly, an app is designed for use on Android or iOS and does the same function of keeping you notified about filter life.

Glass built:

The body of the pitcher is made from scratch resistant impact proof borosilicate glass. The handle and other parts are made from BPA Free plastic so the built quality of this product is very high.

Different colors available :

The lid and handle of the pitcher are available in different colors which adds to the visual appeal and you can buy any color of your choice to match your decor.


WAMERY Slim Water Filter Pitcher 6 Cup, 1.5 Liters, Enhanced 2020 Model, Free Filter Included, Removes Lead, Chlorine, Copper, Fluoride and more, Ionizer Jug, Softener, and Purifier Filtration System

Water purification at home provides better quality water than bottled water at a much lesser cost. Wamery filtration pitcher can provide 6 cups of water at a time and can be refilled from time to time for fulfilling daily needs.



LCD timer

Includes certified filter

4-minute filtration

Sleek design



Lid material quality can be improved


Key features :

Includes free filter :

The Alkaline Water Pitcher comes with a free pitcher which makes this a great choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly option

Sleek built :

The pitcher has a sleek design like a bottle so it can be easily placed inside a refrigerator or transported anywhere.

LCD timer :

The pitcher lid has an LCD timer at the top. This makes it convenient to monitor as water is getting filtered.

Quick filter :

This pitcher only takes 4 minutes to provide 6 cups of clean water. If you don’t mind refilling this product is the best choice for you in a suitable price range.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Buy Best Alkaline water pitchers

Best alkaline water pitchers make it easy to have an abundant supply of fresh alkaline water at all times. Although it is important to buy a pitcher because of its benefits yet so many options are available that choosing one is difficult. We have listed the main features to look for in the best alkaline water pitchers next

Capacity :

Pitcher cartridges can filter a certain amount of water after which they need to be replaced so opt for a pitcher that can fulfill your needs. Some pitchers can filter 42 gallon while some can filter up to 153 gallon so the choice of capacity should be made according to the needs of the family

Filter life sensor :

With the use of sensor technology, it becomes easy for the buyer to remain informed about the life of the filter and when to buy a new filter. This saves you from running out of fresh water as you can buy a replacement cartridge ahead and install it when needed.

Quick filtration :

The pitchers can filter up to 3 liters of water at a time so they need to be refilled again. Check for the time needed to filter water by pitcher so you can use it multiple times during the day without having to wait for long

Pitcher filtration size:

If you find continuous refilling annoying look for pitchers with a big size that can filter more water at a time and provide for your needs in less time.



Overall best alkaline water pitcher

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher – 3.8L, Activated Carbon Filter- BPA Free, Healthy, Clean, & Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water in Minutes- Up to 9.5 pH-2020 Model

Is overall the best alkaline water pitcher. This pitcher is built from BPA Free plastic which raises the basic value of water up to 9.5 and takes minutes to filter water.


Best value for money alkaline water pitcher:

Lake Industries7000 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, 7-Stage Cartridge Composed of Ion Exchange Resin, Tourmaline, Mineral Balls and Carbon, Removes Free-Radicals and Eliminates Toxins, 2.5 Liters

Is the best value for money alkaline water pitcher? Lake industry is a known brand with quality products. This pitcher is made with 7 stages of the water filtration system. Save your money as the pitcher comes with a cartridge. 2.5-liter capacity is enough for cooking, drinking, and making beverages.


FAQs about best alkaline water pitchers

How often do pitcher filters need to be replaced?

Most pitcher filters can last 2 months if used once or twice a day. The replacement cartridge is easily available. Sensors indicating filter life can help you decide when to opt for a new filter.


What material is used for manufacturing the body of the pitcher?

Pitchers are made from high-quality food-grade plastic or glass. The body is scratch-free and shock resistant so buyers won’t need to worry about leakage or crack and enjoy clean fresh water at a cheaper rate for long period.

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